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Where do we start?

Posted on: 2010/04/09

Where do we start? We should start by telling each other that everything  typed will be our attempt to get at the Truth.

Because we are trying to communicate with each other, it is important that we understand each other. Therefore, we should start by having a common understanding of Truth.  A common definition, if it is possible.

Generally speaking, the definition of truth has been:

That which conforms to reality, or is in agreement with reality.

While we may agree with this definition, it only leads us to question what reality is.

Once again we refer to another source for our definition of reality:

The state or fact of being real; truth.

It would appear that truth and reality are but mirror images of themselves. This can only be the Truth under the following condition:

When a being honestly lives the ‘golden rule’
That being will be the Truth, and everything this being perceives is the Reality.
They are a mirror image of each other.
This is the Truth that sets one Free.

Hopefully you can see why the old definion of truth gets us nowhere – at this point in time.

Therefore, we should agree to the following definitions of Truth, for these are the definitions that have always been correct, and they will help us to understand all that comes next:

Singular Truth defined:

Truth is this moment, and this moment alone;
The past is only a memory of the Truth;
and the future is but a figment of your imagination.

The Dual nature of Truth defined:

Truth is Reality;
but there are 2 Realities;
Conceptual Reality;
and Physical Reality.

Understanding both definitions, both realities, and all their relationships

…is what the Truth is all about.


18 Responses to "Where do we start?"

Thank you my dear friend, you have inspired me to face the truth. I am nothing more than a huge pant load that has nothing better to do than spend hour upon hour posting on internet froums.

Searching for the truth is a way of avoiding understanding reality. Reality, or truth, is neither true nor false, it just is. To understand the nature of truth you must understand what’s at the root of such a question. Understanding that concept will lead you to an understanding of the futility of searching for the truth and you will arrive at a higher level of spiritual maturity.

But my friend, Truth & Reality are but mirror images of each other.
If you search for one, while trying to avoid the other, you’ll never see the world for what it is.

But if your Truth & Reality are ONE, the search is over…
and there is nothing to avoid.

The most important thing is to find out
what is the most important thing.
Shunryu Suzuki

Mu, My Friend,
What is this thing that Shunryu Suzuki speaks of?

Nice! Well said!

Thank you sir.
Have a nice day,
and tell another being,
to be well today too…

I HOPE you realize, that what i have said,
has already been told, but it has never been sold.
I can’t CHANGE anything, of this i know,
you can change everything, but you can’t say NO.
If you say YES, and truly submit,
You too will know that TRUTH is REALITY,
and you’ll finally get it.

Man, I love your Philosopy

My friend,
this is know philosophy,
in Reality, this is all the TRUTH.

I do believe that in Reality,
you two,
know it’s the TRUTH. (some may think we’re crazy)

but that now makes,

a trinity. (just a thought)
but not a Christmas tree!

while i’m know christmas tree,
i do know a Holly.

Without anger, conflicts would be resolved and new ones circumvented. Without worry, fear would end and we wouldn’t exacerbate suffering. Humility is respect and the willingness to include all viewpoints. Honesty; would there be a worldwide financial crisis if there was honesty?

And compassion. Compassion is both a prerequisite and condition of enlightenment. In compassion there’s no separation, no other, no stranger. Compassion is the true democracy! Enlightenment is a state of Oneness. If there’s compassion, there’s understanding and appreciation. Compassion unifies and in that unity we find enlightenment.

Enlightenment isn’t only a spiritual pursuit. There can be enlightenment in government, technology, business, science and social systems.
Pamir Kiciman

Compassion is the Truth,
with compassion a being needs no democracy.
Enlightenment may be a state of Oneness;
but the Truth is knowing that we are all in this together.

While we are all in this together,
we all reach Enlightenment at different moments.
Some reach this before the last moment,
but most reach this at that ending moment.

True compassion is realizing that those beings
sharing a moment together,
must understand each other,
before they can help each other,
and then we will know what to do next.

But to do all of this, we must all live by these words…

when you leave this blog, please try to…
Serve and Protect.

Whether that be God,
the Universal Truth,
or just each other.

I am stunnd It cannot be said any better.

Thank you my friend, but i am sorry to stun you,
my intentions were simply to tell you what is TRUE.
My REASON for this, can be said quite simply,
that TRUTH is REALITY, and REALITY is the TRUTH.

I have found an amazing sight . I hope I don’t forget about it tomorrow.

My friend, thank you for your kind words. I too hope that you have not forgotten, but better still I hope that i have simply helped you to remember.
For this is all i am attempting to do,
refresh our memories,
because the TRUTH is within us all,
all we need is to open our eyes,
while we open our minds,
and we remember what is right.

Candace found me, and so have you,
That is the REALITY, and it is also quite TRUE.
I HOPE you didn’t forget, because you have been so kind,
But the CHANGE some desire, must start with the mind.

When the time comes do we mix arsenic or cyanide with the Kool-Aid?

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