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In The Beginning…

Posted on: 2010/04/15

This is only our memory of Reality, because it describes the past…

In the Beginning there was the LIGHT & the SOUND of the Big Bang;
But you would only know that if you were there.

Because LIGHT travels faster than SOUND,
The further one is from the source,
the more difficult it is for a being to understand that the LIGHT & the SOUND are but two realizations of the same TRUTH…

The Moment we are born, we see the LIGHT all around us,
and this is the same LIGHT.
We hear the SOUND of our Mother – with cries of Pain & cries of Joy.

That LIGHT is TRUTH, what we perceive is the Conceptual Reality;
All SOUNDS are the sounds of TRUTH, occasionally a being will notice,
and try to give the sound  one of GOD’s names

This is what we all have in common.

This is the TRUTH:

I see the LIGHT & hear the SOUNDS…
And they are ONE, and this gives me great peace of mind

But i know of no single word, either written or spoken, that can convey the TRUE meaning of this REALITY.

But, I am a unique being,
Just as you are a unique being.
And we are all, individually, unique beings…

Nonetheless, we all share the same TRUTH & REALITY.

When a being Truly understands this…

Then that being will see the LIGHT & hear the SOUNDS as ONE…

and we will be as ONE, and the both of us will exhibit a…



2 Responses to "In The Beginning…"

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