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Posted on: 2010/05/05

I have discovered that there is a Universal Truth;

this Universal Truth is what you call God, but He goes by many names;
Allah is perfection,
because it is El and it’s reflection,
God is what others call him;
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are His manifestations;
The Qu’ran contains His instructions, and i am but His servant.

Buddhism is understanding of this Universal Truth, but without a Loving God.
If you must give it a sound call it OM.

This is what i have discovered, and this is what i believe…

The time has come for the meek to inherit the earth.

What has this discovery done to your beliefs?


3 Responses to "Discovery…"

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I serve but one master, Burger King.

A teenager of 16 years demonstrates his love for the United States.

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