Passionatereason's Blog – My Fellow Muslims, We Must Wake Up!

Posted on: 2010/05/08

God Willing, what i eventually type will help us all to Wake Up. When i type all, i mean every human being. If your message is the Universal Truth, then your message will not be addressed to one or another group.

When your message is Universal, then the Universe should be pleased with what that message is. With this in mind, i ask the following:

My Brothers & Sisters, and all my Friends,

Please be patient.

I would like to think about this a bit more. When i’ve given it the right amount of thought, you can be sure i will type the right words.

God Willing.

And now, my response:

While this response is directed at Mr. Zuhdi Jasser and his recent article concerning “Muslims waking up”, God Willing, all those reading these words will understand what is being typed.

Dear Mr. Jasser,

I must agree with you completely when you ask “When will the United States learn that our current behaviour and lack of a coordinated existential strategy…is obviously not working.” I only disagree in that you claim this lack of a “coordinated existential strategy” has only occurred since 9-11.

As a concerned citizen of the United States, I too have been working tirelessly against all radical beliefs, whether those beliefs are based on religious dogma, secular ideology, political expediency, or just plain stupidity.

This is why I have always voted Libertarian. The Libertarian party is dedicated to a principle, just as all Religions are dedicated to a principle. Libertarian’s do not believe in special privileges for any class of citizen. Just as in the Koran, Libertarian’s believe that we are all in this together, regardless of our race, prior nationality, or current religious beliefs.

Just as with Islam, Libertarians only demand a person believe in one simple statement to join the “club”. While the statements may be different, the intent is the same: Peaceful coexistence, non-coercive actions, equal justice for all, and defense for these ideals.

Mr. Jasser, you claim that “the cases of homegrown Islamist terror mount week after week…”, but have you not noticed that this sort of anger is increasing on all fronts? This disassociation with reality is occurring in many areas of our society today. You seem to turn a blind eye concerning those who are not Muslim, but these other confused individuals pose just as much danger to human life as your run of the mill Islamist Terrorist. Why have you chosen only to condemn your fellow Muslims?

You represent an organization that you claim “has been shouting from the rooftops…that the enemy is obviously not a tactic of terror or even those who are generically ‘violent extremists’.” Furthermore, you claim that your organization has “devout Muslims who are anti-Islamist”. Sir, I have just looked up Islam, and Muslim – they are the same thing. Would you please explain to me clearly what it is that has confused you concerning this reality?

I do agree completely though when you say, that we “have to lead the war of ideas.”  But it is imperative that the ideas we have, lead to a Truth that we all can agree on, without us waging any war to come to a common understanding of this.  As you say, “attacks against our citizens are a symptom of a much deeper disease…”

This disease you speak of is misunderstanding. Once a person understands, then that person will naturally cooperate. Once a person understands, then that person need not be forced to do anything.  At this moment in our history, we have many people who only understand what they want to believe – and have decided that it is their responsibility to make others believe what they think they understand.

This is the crux of the problem.  America was founded on an ideal, and that ideal was Freedom. This ideal originated from a statement, and that statement was, “the Truth will set you Free”. This statement is attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (PBUH), and it is a statement that is accurate regardless of ones religious beliefs.  Unfortunately, the society that occupies the territory of the United States, did not understand this Truth when our Constitution was formed.

It is my belief that Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Qatub understood. This is why Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America. He recognized the promise that is our Constitution. I would like to believe that he learned to recognize this Truth as a child growing up in Fez, Morocco. As a young man, I also learned much in Fez, Morocco. I learned of the True nature of Islam, not by attending any University, but by visiting with common people. I have traveled much in my life and I can assure you that the world is filled with these common people – and they are of many faiths.

The United States was created for just this sort of people. But our Society was not ready.

Those who recognize this disconnect, quite naturally want to change things. Unfortunately, in their haste, these people have repeatedly turned to the Government to correct problems they perceive in their mind. This impatience is the root cause of your perceived problems.

As you say, “we must be resolute as a nation in how we handle…” the incongruities that we perceive about reality. We are both concerned about “future acts of aggression” and how to deter them. The solution is to stop acting aggressively in the first place.  To do this, we must accept the fact that their really is a Universal Truth, and that we are all a part of this Universal Truth.  The Koran speaks directly to this reality. The Koran accepts the fact that all of Reality is the Truth, and it helps to guide both the common man and the leader in living and leading accordingly.

You claim that the United States is at war with the ideology of militant Islamism, but you are incorrect. The United States is at war with its own Ideal – Freedom.  There are those who want freedom to do anything, and there are those who want freedom from responsibility. There are the politicians who use the word freedom, but are beholden to their handlers, and there are those other leaders that simply want to maintain their position of power. They do this by enacting more laws – more laws do not give a person more freedom.  Living a life devoted to understanding Truth is what gives a person Freedom.

You say that “our elected officials and leaders must show true ideological leadership…” and once again, I must agree with you completely. There is a political party that shows this true ideological leadership, and that political party is the Libertarian Party.

You are once again correct when you state, “Our leaders must wake up and engage in the global war of ideas and demonstrate that the rule of one law that protects universal religious freedom takes precedence…” This was the promise of our Constitution when it was created, this is the promise contained in the Koran: “There is no compulsion in religion”.


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This was so long I had two snacks and took a dump while reading it.

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