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Who is this guy that’s so passionate about reason?

Posted on: 2010/09/22

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.
If you knew what I’ve been up to, then you would have been following along.
The reason I say this, is because I’ve been posting my thoughts & ringing a gong…

all over virtual reality.

Besides the, let me give you a run down of my online presence:

my original youtube channel & my newest creation for videos;
This blog & that blog;
I’ve got my face in the book, and my very own space.

In reality, I’m virtually everywhere;
but to tell you the truth I’m still the same guy I’ve always been.
Believe it, or not!

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2 Responses to "Who is this guy that’s so passionate about reason?"

I am new here. My opinions and experiences are my own.
There is much good stuff here. I will be back, but now, I found this Statement:
“being ‘self-aware’ to me means to be in control of both realities.” (the bonobo and the Epiphenomeanal conscious) That is the highest state of awareness. But ….

I have in my last year came to really operate on the belief the information and awareness are “two sides of a coin” or maybe a content that bags itself. Or this one I just remembered. The self is an iceberg, Awareness is just that part above the water. Our goal then, is to become a glacier 😉

When I was a child I adopted the hypotheses of “(pantheistic) animism” and studied the thought processes of weather, life, stars, and stones. It is a rich way to look at the universe, and a valid slicing of Occam’s razor. For a meditation that plunges one to the core of paradox, follow the mystic Einstein and try to imagine what sort of awareness in a photon can beat the split-screen experiment.
That is looking for evidence some self other than me exists, but most of my evidence is, of course, experiential, since I am a self, or twain, or more ( I am an actor. I contain multitudes) and I have an awareness that splits in two whenever Twain goes into his head, and can turn into an infinitely regressive hall of mirrors if I look hard enough.

Personal experience which nearly got me committed when I told a shrink.
Before I was eight, I started memorizing my life, as adults frequently told me they couldn’t remember being my age. It seemed to me that if my memory did not continue, I did not exist. I dug for my earliest memories.
My first awareness may have been floating. There may have been warmth. There may have been dark
My very first definite awareness was of change, an infinitesimal change in the depth of darkness.
My second def awareness was the change was controlled.
Then, my first awareness of a self, which controlled the change.
There were no words, only the phenomena of change, and the epiphenomenal controller.
Yet there was another thing, free will, which preferred “light” until sleep came. With a single binary phenomena to go on, there was free will and choice, and, with sleep, necessity.
Then there was rhythm.

What was I remembering? I think I was remembering the eyes of my neonate opening in the womb.

Every birth day I tell people I don’t see the point in celebrating a day when I was mugged by men wearing masks who beat me, threw acid in my eyes, and mutilated my genitals, but I don’t really remember it.
I can remember before I was three. My first memory of life is of seeing my self image as an infant. I remember my mind learning to integrate my self image with my surroundings, as a holographic picture. Only after that do I remember being in my head, where I have been stuck ever since 😦
Looking back, my null hypothesis is my brain was integrating an ego. My very distant beta is my “Psyche” or “ra” had not yet attached to my ba-body.
I remember the moment it happened. Much of my life has been spent trying to learn enough to ask, “What happened?” Only one person I have asked has recounted a similar experience, my x-wife.
One moment I was not. There was only dream time, and self-image was one thing in the buzzing beeping chaos.
A switch was flicked, and time binding ego precipitated into a baby bonobo chimp in an instant, and “I” have been stuck on this lovely ball of dirt ever since in a bag of bones and Pauline corruption.
In realtime the infant Tam, as it was called, was shouting at its mother “I am hungry now!” as my mother pleaded “I’m fixing it as fast as I can.”
(strange use of pronouns, yes, but I and I know what we are talking about)
Buber describes this as an “I-Thou” moment. The Rastas call it an “I-I” moment. It is the moment when one recognizes the other as more than an it.
That’s what I know about awareness, and self-awareness, and dual awareness. Or that is at least the basis of what I know about it, and about pantheism as well.
Peace love and Wisdom to you all.

My dear friend, I think you’ve got it! This moment when one recognizes the other as more than an it, is the very moment you understand the Infinite Reality. Some call IT GOD, I know IT as ALLAH, but know that IT is real, and what you’ve discovered is no lie.
The ULTIMATE CONCEIT is when one thinks that GOD is within, and all may reach this state of being if they only LOVE everything.
GOD is not LOVE, nor is this being within us all.
In my mind GOD is REASON,
but ALLAH is on my mind for all of Eternity.
The Infinite Reality was here before time began,
and will be there when it ends.
The TRUTH to our REALITY is that we are all finite beings.
We are conceived with the spark of GOD’s Will,
and the moment we are born, we first see the light.
From that moment forward, the excitement begins,
and the reality we observe enters our conceptual reality.
Call it soul, concousness, or the spirit within,
know that it can neither be touched, seen, or heard.
It is yours & yours alone, contained in your physical reality,
ready to depart when your life ends.

What we observe is the physical reality that isn’t ourself.
We perceive this reality from unique locations in space & time.
No person has the same perceptions, because of their perspective. But know that the TRUTH is real, and in reality in never CHANGES.

Now is the time for mankind to understand,
We can’t do it alone, it must be done in unison,
for peace & harmony to ever grab hold!

Know that I have peace of mind my friend, and HOPE that you do too. My intent has always been peaceful, but I can’t predict what will happen before it ends. I’m merely a Muslim Master Mind, come to explain the truth to the world.

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