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3 little birds

Understanding, Knowing, Submitting

The music is still beautiful, even if the song is just a copy, but you must at least understand;

The words are the same even when a child sings it; but you must love the child to understand the words;

It is easy to write something about the songwhen you hear the music directly,
But you must read between the lines, to understand the love.
And this is the Truth of the song:

Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed are those 3 little birds. Bob gave us this dream, and i merely interpreted for us.

They were the music, and those who were at their concerts heard it perfectly; What we hear has only been a memory of their Truth.

I have become the music, and i see the words clearly.
While we all may not be able to become the music,
can’t we all at least dance to the same songs?

It is easy to submit, when you understand & know that all the music,
is the same song….

i have been chosen as the interpreter for our dream – that is this reality, at this moment.
This choice was not mine to make, but i am now responsible for making us understand what has happened, and what is going on. I do not know the future…
it is our combined responsibility to make that happen.

You can learn about me here;
And you can learn about me here, also.


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