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My Friends…

Here are the cast of characters in my life. They populate my Physical Reality.

All of these beings actually exist.  Some of the names are pseudonyms (those with quotation marks), and some are real (those without quotation marks).  There are 2 reasons for this – to aid in your understanding, and to protect the innocent – my family and friends.

In most all cases though, each person also populates our common Conceptual Reality. You need only follow the links:

My MotherGabrielle; and my Father;
Me, as mentioned previously – i go by many names;
Love“, my wife – my lifemate;
My 2 daughters, “Fate & Design“.

The 3 Stooges“, and their Father & Mother – I think of the 3 as my brothers, but in reality they are my cousins. I recently visited with the youngest, “Curly“. We talked of many things.

Destiny, and her Child.

WILL:  a friend of mine. Do you have a Will in your life? Or maybe you should just think about writing your will.
The times they are a changin’ – and you’ll need some sort of WILL when the CHANGE hits you – no matter what you HOPE for.

KEN – is into the art of motorcycle maintenance. He HOPES for a CHANGE, but he KNOWS it is impossible. He does understand a thing or two about the TRUTH, because he has lived the REALITY.  Nobody chose him to be special, and nobody gave him any piece of land. Yet, this friend does have some peace of mind. Mind you, he’s know fool – he’s just tryin’ to survive.
He believes that some people have been chosen without actually working in the mines. He thinks they need to pay their dues!
I tell him to be patient.  Now we’ll just have to see how that goes.

The JD‘s, i work with these two guys. One is a Man’s Man, and the other is a Lady’s Man. And there’s a good reason why they are JD‘s.
JC was already taken, as you all may know. In Reality though, and we all should know,
that After C, comes the big D (what’s in the middle is what you make of it).

“Emotion”, although she is not my wife, or even a family member, i love her dearly just the same.

Wisdom“, and his wife the “Teacher” &
The “Most Educated” man that i know &
Mary(the GodMother, who is raising a Child that her husband did not father).

The “Three Wise Men“: One born in Liberia; The other born in Jamaica, and the 3rd, born & bred in America, but as all of these wise men – he also is an African-American.

The “Soldier

“The Seeker” (who drove many miles, in the driving rain, to Wisdom’s house one night);

Curiosity“, and his wife “Devotion“;

“The Traveler“, his wife Holly, and their children, Aries, and Thor;

Elijah (who announced Passionate Reason’s arrival on the Information Superhighway);
Our friends from the other side, home of our Mother tongueColin, and Evelyn (neither are modified doGz).

my cousin, “Media“,
and her husband, “Propaganda“;

“The Farmer“, and Faith (Faith’s daughter is “Design’s” best friend);

The Neighbors” and their Families (Faith was our Neighbor before our new Neighbors moved in next door. Faith is still in our thoughts, and her daughter is still “Design’s” best friend – and all is well in the world);

“Banks”, know that this Banks is an honorable man, engaged in an honest business – not all banks can make that claim.

Bogie(man), just a guy in town that i’ve always got along with,
but he makes others apprehensive;

“The Beasts” – there have been several in my life,
and i’ve overcome all but a couple of them,
but i have no fear of those remaining…

Last Hamlet, his name is Danny also. Danny is no longer with us now but I would like to dedicate this blog to him just the same.

There are many more beings that have crossed my path, and they too are part of my story;
our story;

Come Together*

*(comment for those following the link:
But actually, it’s not about me,
It has always been about that Sound
and getting back to that Garden.

And with a little help from my friends

We Hope that you will see the Light,
and hear that Sound.)

By The Way,  Hope is the real name of a friend already mentioned.
As I told “Wisdom” just the other day – Hope plays a very important role in the Truth.


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