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It’s been a while since I’ve been in these parts,
but I never lost my reason for passion.
To tell you the truth, I’m just humming along,
with peace of mind that my actions are all peaceful.

You may not believe me, but I don’t care what you think.
It’s your mind, not mine!
Mind you, we still gotta’ survive in this real world,
and the virtual world is not real!
If you put your mind to it you will surely see,
that everythings going okay!

Don’t tell me you can’t see it,
it’s right in front of your nose.
Did you know that your senses don’t lie?
In reality the lie is in your mind,
and I’m the guy telling the truth!

Do you know what that means?
It depends on what you believe.
If you believe that GOD was a man,
then you are totally wrong,
but if you know Jesus was a prophet,
but not the last one (PBUthem),
you’ve hit the nail on the head.

I’m not the first one to tell you the truth,
but in reality I’m jesus 2.3.
The “Fellowship of Christian & Jews” has labeled me as much.
The Rabbi there wants some of my money, but he ain’t getting any from me.
You see, I’m a Muslim Master Mind.
HOPE that doesn’t CHANGE your opinion of me.

They say opinions are like assholes,
and everybody has one, and that’s okay with me.
It’s exactly the way GOD meant it to be!

Love says I’m an asshole, and it’s not a lie,
But we still love each other dearly.
If you think GOD is love, you’re wrong once again.
Love is my wife of 27 years, Fate & Design are our daughters,
Mary is the Godmother, and I’m not a liar at all.

In my mind GOD is Reason,
the Infinite Reality responsible for all of creation.
We are but finite beings, with a beginning and an end.
I HOPE you know that will never CHANGE.
I’m not offering you HOPEless slogans about CHANGE,
and I’m not a politician.

While Reason is in my mind,
Allah is on my mind ’til the end of time,
and that is for all of eternity!
Are you ready for what’s comin’ up next?

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ


Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.
If you knew what I’ve been up to, then you would have been following along.
The reason I say this, is because I’ve been posting my thoughts & ringing a gong…

all over virtual reality.

Besides the, let me give you a run down of my online presence:

my original youtube channel & my newest creation for videos;
This blog & that blog;
I’ve got my face in the book, and my very own space.

In reality, I’m virtually everywhere;
but to tell you the truth I’m still the same guy I’ve always been.
Believe it, or not!

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Dear friend,
In my mind GOD is REASON,
but i can think of NO REASON why GOD would choose one people over another.
Additionally, i can think of NO REASON why GOD would give anything to one people and not everybody else.

If you believe that i am wrong, please explain to me why this is so?

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I hope that all is well with you and your loved ones.

With an Everlasting Love,
and Forever Always,

Sound familiar? I didn’t need the bible to understand TRUTH.
You say God was a man, I say GOD is REASON.
If you say God was a man, then the logical conclusion is that any man can be a god.
I say GOD is REASON, please explain to me why or how i am wrong.
Tell me why/how this Universal TRUTH is wrong:
We are born,
We live,
and We die.
The question is, what to do while we are living. I know exactly what to do to have an everlasting joy – i’m rather happy at this moment.
Truth does set one FREE, another name for this FREEDOM is Nirvana, and one only need to SUBMIT to this REALITY.
The Rafts of Buddhism will help you navigate the REALITY; The Pillars of Islam are the foundation of TRUTH.
That’s what Jesus was trying to tell you, and that is what i’m telling you. This i tell you free of charge.
Do you like what you hear,
or does the TRUTH HURT your ears?
If you can’t answer my questions, hear are the instructions.
When you have completed your lesson, you may then question my answers.
While GOD is simply REASON, i’m the guy who loves ya’, and has just told you the TRUTH, REALLY.

These are my first public, printed comments about TRUTH & REALITY.
This is a thread that was originally about being SELF AWARE.
Although i go by many names, on the CHANNELS, i go by dannymac.

This conversation started on 01/07/2010:

DANNYMAC: Personally, I’d consider this subject too ‘deep’ (at least it appears so from my preliminary research) a subject to bring up in a bar.
I suppose we could ask bas to start a ‘deep thinking’ forum.
But in its absence, and since somebody else broached the subject here originally, I’ll consider this open for discussion.

Therefore, I’d like to know…

What does it mean when somebody declares themselves to be ‘self-aware’?

And as a follow up question…

How does one become ‘self-aware’?

I’m content to see what others believe before I expound on the subject.

And there’s nothing that says you can’t simultaneously be a bit of a ‘deep thinker’ (or what those with comprehension issues call, ‘incoherent bollocks’) & a sarcastic, *paradox tossing, asshole.

Let the discussion begin…

edit: replaced innuendo with – *paradox

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Usually some psychoactive substance helps.
Going sans bath for a couple of weeks might work as well, but others are usually aware of that much earlier.
Depends on whether you’re talking about some psychological awareness of one’s faults and defaults… or self aware in the way that us humans think of ourselves, ie sentient.

So my answer is “the very fact that you ask the question means you’re are already self-aware”.
I think it means to understand a concept without having it explained to you. You realize something (and its implications) on your own.
To be aware of the nature of thinking. Which is nothing.
First of all, you have to be brutally honest with your self. Who are you really? How do you want to live your life? Are you doing things that contradict your intentions? Self awareness is a goal that few people achieve, outside of Monks and religious ascetics. Really Knowing and excepting your self can be a step toward being self-actualized, or reaching you full potential as a human being.
I think it’s best if you lot realise Danny is merely humping my leg. Again.
I first became self aware at around 13 after I saw the girl down the streets tits.
I first became aware when a firecracker went off in a bar and everybody went under the tables but me.
When you first realize that you are in control of your destiny and can affect others and the world around you.
Where were you during the ‘duck and cover’ classes? =)
“The SEEKER”: think any of the above answers…They all fit the category of what it’s like to feel ‘self’ aware. But life is full of paradoxes.
I believe many of us fail to reach full ‘self awareness’, in this lifetime, whereas others have not only learned to cope but can excel at many things, with little effort. For others, my’self’ included have more difficult times dealing with all the flavors of existence.

The only way i know is to delve deeper into your being, or if allowed can we call it a soul? Would be to practice one of the many paths of meditation offered everywhere. Some of them will say that for you to reach the state of (nirvana?) you first have to shed your ‘self’, which can be one of the most difficult hurdles of reaching that level of focus. Your focus is not what is occurring to your ‘self’ per se, but what is occurring, to your body and your thoughts with complete clarity and equanimity, in the moment and then moment, by moment, until you can effortlessly incorporate (your practice) into your daily life and chores. And even then the paradox of life says that if you are searching for this ‘nirvana’ you’ll likely never find it. It finds you.
What it all boils down to, imo is try to be true to your core and if you can try to help those, less fortunate, around you.”

DANNYMAC WROTE:Damn, I am truly heartened by all these answers (okay, so I am disappointed with one), flippant & serious!

I would consider answers on the lighter side as being indicative of what one would be “self aware of…”, which, without a doubt, is a good thing.

That may well indeed be what the original poster meant, but my understanding of what it means to be ‘self-aware’ is much closer to what alpha has to say on the subject. Being ‘self-aware’ is very closely associated with knowing what ‘Truth’ is…

But yet…

In this ‘science’ driven, secular age we live in, my search for ‘Truth’ has resulted in me being an agnostic, and forced me to come to my own conclusions.
The 1st conclusion is that the only ‘singularity’ that can be associated with ‘Truth’, is that ‘Truth’ is a state of being, and that ‘Nirvana’ is just another name for it.

But to look at truth another way, is to say that truth is that which conforms to reality. Most assume that there is one reality, but there isn’t.
There are two realities, the conceptual & the physical.

So, to make a long story short, being ‘self-aware’ to me means to be in control of both realities. And the most ‘coherent’ & simplest way I’ve been able to express this is to say…

That each and every one of us are responsible for how we perceive the world around us, and how we act within that world.
That responsibility is already yours, whether or not you realize it. It is when you actually realize this that you become ‘self-aware’ and act & perceive accordingly.

And if you can stick to the direction this thread has been going, I really do want to hear what you have to say on the subject mucky…

Self Aware – My thoughts on this are that you are aware how others are affected or how you are percieved by others through your actions and behaviour

Or maybe it coud be more along the lines of knowing who you are and what you want out of life on a deeper scale (not just cars , birds and money) who you really are inside.

I dont know maybe I am just too stoned too early in the day

DANNYMAC WROTE:Stoned or not, those are valid observations.

In all seriousness, I believe being self aware is the ability to look at oneself from outside of oneself. Meaning, one can see how one’s actions (or inactions) are affecting oneself and the others around them and one can make a change (hopefully) that will better oneself and the others around him (although benefiting the others isn’t the priority and usually is the result of one benefiting oneself).

The ability to step away and look at one’s life from a distance as if you are an observer of your own life.

Got it?
Got what dave?

Just kidding.


Being aware of your inner self is a lifelong journey.

I think that anyone posting on this ******* website is on the path…

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Is that too vulgar?
I was aware of my inner self last week after those nachos, trust me.

you are so right – on your 1st statement.
I can’t comment on your other statements though (well, not in this thread at least).

And, what you’ve typed & what I’ve stated are not really that far apart, except in one significant point.

You say, “…one can see how one’s actions (or inactions) are affecting oneself and the others around them…”.
I maintain that it is neither your responsibility to affect others around you, nor within your ability to affect others around you.

To the respect of “others”, your only responsibility, and more specifically, your only control of, is your perception of those around you, and your perception, of their perception of you.

I do believe though, that the actions one takes to reconcile these issues of perception, in many instances, will be exactly the same actions one would take believing as you do.

Now, this is where somebody may chime in and say that’s “incomprehensible bollocks”, and it very well may be; but I understand what I’m trying to say.

edit: replaced all instances of ‘perspective’ with ‘perception’. sorry for the original mistake.

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I know exactly what you mean – it was a big mistake getting that Taco Bell value 10 pack yesterday. There’s a couple soft tacos left, but I think they’re going in the compost pile!
Hopefully this isn’t as incomprehensible…

I just believe that it is presumptuous to believe that one has control over another.
ONE statement makes this assumption, mine doesn’t.

ditto…I chowed down on a couple of Sloppy Joes after a sixer and a monkey finger…sprayed hot brown water this morning.
Man….they were good

maybe just a bit too graphic! LOL

How very Libertarian of you.
was self-aware enough to surround himself with people who would keep him from making a fool of himself in public after he’d had a few.
Self awareness for me is Living in the moment .
The path to self awareness for me is to not multi task to often and take a multi vitamin.

PAGE one end hear. Will continue again.
starting PAGE 2, HEAR:

The Seeker”: I would agree with this statement
From here i’d only add that you might look at our reality, as a dualistic world. Everything is dualistic left, right up and down right and wrong. We navigate our world with this dualistic thought. Its also why we choose to cling to our ‘self’ it’s a safe place to be. So many choices and so many facets to daily living, we don’t have time to focus on what is actually occurring to our being within any given moment, unless something goes wrong like an upset stomach or headache. We notice, but reach for the pharmaceuticals, go figure!?
However, to reach the conceptual state you need to shed that safe place entirely, because it is not needed, nor does it actually exist. You also have to do it with complete calm, clarity and most of all equanimity. The state of nirvana is just a state of consciousness. There are much deeper states of consciousness than nirvana.

As a matter of fact most people experience nirvana, at least once during their lifetimes sometimes several. Have you ever seen the world, in a special splendor, maybe when seeing your first or ensuing children, for the first time, or your first love. It takes a strong emotion, for it to occur and the sensation is fleeting and usually doesn’t last long. However, with a practice you are trying to reach that level of focus, whereas when nirvana finds you, you are more able to grasp the moment and hang on to that ‘state’ of mind, for at least a longer period, possibly indefinitely. But with anything decent, it takes a lot of practice!
Danny sorry I was a smartass. Guess I just don’t think that deeply. You been reading Oracles reports?
DANNYMAC WROTE: No need to apologize whatsoever. I do believe this was in the original post…I’d just add that you don’t even have to be a deep thinker to post in this thread. Remember, it’s still in the bar.

BTW, while we’re speaking of asses, I hope isn’t spraying that hot brown water anymore.
I would definitely agree that this is part of it
I agree that this is part of the duality, and it’s the type of duality that we all use to navigate our world. but I also look at duality in this manner…
Conceptual reality contains its own duality, that being your concept of the self (monotheism & ‘end time’ are a manifestation of this), and that which is not the self(polytheism & reincarnation are manifestations of this);
Physical reality, has the same duality, the shell that contains your conceptual self & everything else.
I would also add that this clinging to ‘self’ is a denial of the duality that I speak of.
I agree with this also. Alternatively though, I would describe this ‘shedding’ or ‘letting go’ as acknowledging reality in all its manifestations.
But I would consider this more as a result of becoming ‘self-aware’.
Clarity & equanimity? I believe I have a fairly good handle on (where it concerns thought & actions anyway; when it comes time for me to communicate some of those thoughts – it can turn into ‘incomprehensible bollocks’ – but I do make attempts to rectify this).
Calm? I’m not nearly consistent enough – but when my ‘calm’ is broken – I strive to recover quickly.

You’re all probably wondering how can I agree with all this ‘letting go of self’ that alpha is on about, when I’ve gone and spouted all this nonsense about taking responsibility. But my point is, you are the only one who can ‘let go’ and nobody can do it for you.
From my perspective, I believe you have this a little backwards. Your description of these fleeting sensations and what causes them indicates to me that nirvana/truth has found you, you didn’t realize it, and thus it becomes fleeting.
While, ideally, with the practice & focus you speak of…
‘the self’ & truth/nirvana may find each other and become more that fleeting.
But as you say – it’s hard work, and I guess that is the paradox, letting go but working hard to get there.
…and muck called you a pseudo-intellectual.
From what i believe i disagree with you here. Conceptual reality has no duality. The reason is that in the conceptual reality you have no ‘self’ it does not actually exist, except to aid you in navigating our physical reality. Therefore, within the conceptual reality you only have monotheism (polytheism doesn’t exist and we will try to get to proof of that later) and the conceptual reality there is also no such thing as ‘end time’ if i understand that to mean your death? (you’ll have to enlighten me;-) Therefore, by my belief within the conceptual world you have no duality you are at one with not only every living thing on this planet, but you are one with every living particle within our universe! Pretty big place…
By my belief, as stated above our physical reality is where duality is needed to navigate our physical reality. You need no portion of what you use in your physical reality, within your conceptual reality, except your body, mind and senses.
Another paradox, dannymac. You can’t become more self aware of your ‘self’ without trying to concentrate your focus, on your experience, or what’s occurring in your reality, moment, by moment. One approach to this practice of focusing your attention is to sit comfortably and focus on what is occurring to your body, moment by moment, for say twenty minutes. You first have to have a main focus, which can either be your breath, by counting or just focusing on the breath itself. Also during this time attempt to rid your mind of all thoughts (you’ll find this to be an extremely difficult exercise, but leads to a calmer mind) Each time a thought pops up (it’ll be often) and you become aware of it just push it gently away and return your focus, to what’s occurring to your body, be it an itch, a cramp whatever. Note where it occurs and whether the ‘event’ is expanding or contracting, or becoming greater, or diminishing. When another event occurs, note it and when one discontinues, note that. Everything, within the conceptual reality expands and contracts. Focusing on these ‘events’ can help in understanding the very nature of experience
Good for you, as anyone of channels can tell, i have my outbursts especially in the political forum, but i have an old friend called depression that i deal with, with herbals, not pharmaceuticals. Makes for much less equanimity than i care for, but i just try to remain focused in our physical reality.
I’ve seen a fellow out of Salt Lake City, who calls himself Genpo Roshi, who has an institute called Big Mind. His ‘gimmick’ is that everyone has ‘Big Mind’ or nirvana inside them (which i believe) and that it can be accessed just by asking for ‘Big Mind’ to become present. A shortcut to nirvana, without all the practice. I’ve tried incorporating his ideas into my practice, but so far, with no success
Meditating is taking responsibility for your reality. It is also likely one of the most noble quests you could possibly undertake, in trying to actually understand this reality that swirls around us.
Can you imagine a world where our political leaders where regular practitioners of meditation. It would be a different place, indeed!
With all of the paradoxes that make up our dual realities having something a little backwards, might still mean it’s actually a little forwards.
I love stoner psychobabble.
DANNYMAC WROTE: note: It’s taken me all damn morning to “get this off my chest” so to speak.
In the interim, the muckster has evidently posted in this thread.
I did not read his post before finishing and submitting this one.
I’d like to read your proof that ‘polytheism’ doesn’t exist (I’m guessing this has to do with your evident deep understanding of Buddhism, with possibly a hint of Taoism, which I find refreshing, & in a ‘paradoxical’ way – ‘confirmational’), but 1st let me try and explain better what I mean by the duality of both the conceptual & physical.

?!Okay everybody, this is your official ‘Incoherent Bollocks’ Alert!?

Remember that we live in a ‘science’ driven, secular world – so it behooves me to understand, and thus attempt to explain these things sans the metaphysics/theism. The fact remains though, that the metaphysics/theisms are already out there in the conceptual reality – it doesn’t aid in my attempt to become ‘self-aware’ to deny these facts (thus my agnosticism). So, because I have a desire to understand, I attempt to ‘translate’. I would even suggest that this ‘desire to understand’ is a prerequisite to becoming ‘self-aware’;
And an integral part of the ‘practice’ & ‘hard work’ we both speak of, is seeking to understand (as opposed to denying) all the reality before us.
I hope we can agree that the ‘self-aware’ we seem to be discussing here is the ‘secular’ manifestation of ‘the Truth that sets one free’ & nirvana.
This sort of ‘self-aware’ is available to all, but few attain.
There is another sort of ‘self-aware’ that we are all ‘trapped in experiencing’ though.
is one way to explain this state of being we all find ourselves in. And once we’ve started ‘thinking’ it’s damn hard to stop –

When one is able to reach that other state of ‘self-aware’ though, this ‘thinking actually becomes a ‘letting go’.

As alpha has said, when this happens there is a distinct sensation. Recognizing it as such is again the hard part (hence those fleeting moments he speaks of). My description for this in a ‘scientific secular’ manner is thus:
That ‘sensation’, or more precisely, those moments of discovery, in our vernacular would be called a
‘brief psychotic episode’. Evidently the scientific literature claims 1 to 30 days; the religious literature more times than not claims 40 days.

Many things can happen when this episode ends (and if it doesn’t end – it’s no longer ‘brief’, and could be the worst of outcomes). Ideally, you can return to the ‘here (physical) & now(conceptual) with, as already mentioned, a deeper understanding of the reality before us, which simultaneously allows one to ‘let go’.

But fuck, I digress!!!!!! Back to the ‘duality’ of the conceptual & physical.

It appears to me that when confronted with the ‘self-aware’ that Chili alludes to – one of the 1st things we become aware of is our own mortality. How did we become aware of this? By using our senses. These senses are part of the physical self (which contains the conceptual self); these senses in turn, are used to interact & discover the ‘physical other’, forming our understanding of the ‘conceptual reality that is not the self’.
Conceptually, the duality is how we understand ourselves; as opposed to how we understand the ‘world’. The trick being, trying to reach a point when these aren’t in opposition.
Physically, the duality is your physical being & senses; as opposed to that which your senses can ‘detect’.

Time is a big concept tied directly to our understanding of mortality and its ‘end’. Without getting too deep, I’ll just say that again there are 2 ways to look at time:
linear & circular – and this is tied directly to how we look at the self and that which is not the self. Monotheism is metaphysical manefestation of the physical self, with it’s belief of a single opportunity to get it right the manifestation of the conceptual self;
Conversely, Polytheism is the metaphysical manifestation of all that which our senses tell us is real; with reincarnation the conceptual manifestation.
“the Truth that sets one free” is when a monotheist, truly understands that he is going to the ‘good place’ and effortlessly (that’s the freedom) lives life accordingly – or as Hobie has said, ‘is living in the moment’.
In polytheism, that goal is to get off the circle of reincarnation or at least, come back in a ‘better’ position. When the polytheist truly understands that he is at the end of the cycle, he has ‘let go’ – and as Hobie has said, ‘is living in the moment’.

And for this secular, agnostic being, that point is when one is ‘released’ from the dread that is knowing ones own mortality. And which point you become “free” to “let go”.
So, while I believe that there is a duality – I also believe that in truly understanding this duality, one becomes “one with every living particle within our universe!”
How true, bringing us back to that damn ‘hard work’ and ‘practice’.
I would consider this a very worthwhile ‘exercise’, but as you say – it is but one approach.
Or, as I put it, “accepting the responsibility for all of reality, and ones understanding of this reality, is the ‘most noble quest you could possibly undertake’.
indeed it would be.
I would say that once we see that these ‘paradoxes’ & ‘dual realities’ are but reflections of each other, we have come a step closer to that elusive “self-awareness”.
Backwards?Forwards? Just a part of that duality you & I acknowledge.
Well then, I’m glad you could join us.
Turn about is fair play, and it’s my hope & desire that you continue to be entertained by my ‘incoherent bollocks’.

It is within your ‘control’ alone though whether or not this happens.

You’ll have to elaborate on that one mucky. While I do understand what “The Seeker”, , and I am trying to communicate…
I’m at a loss to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Hopefully, it was meant to bring us to a better understanding of what you meant when you originally brought up the subject of being “self-aware”.

With that hope & desire, I await your elaboration.
When does thinking become a ‘letting go’?

Is the thinker separate from his thoughts?

Who is the entity that is ‘letting go’?

Is this letting go born of effort?
“THE SEEKER” I’m going to enter a disclaimer here, cause i think i’m causing a lot of confusion for dannymac, which likely means i’m confusing a lot of other people also. I’m only a student here, not a teacher, so my beliefs may trail off where actual facts were being spoken.

Polytheism doesn’t exist, in my opinion, because we are all connected to each other, just as every living thing, every living particle, every living organism we are all intimately connected to each other through a massive ‘cloud’ (for lack of a better description) of energy that encompasses the entire universe. Our planet is just one spot that is engulfed in this ‘cloud’ of energy.

If you were to practice meditation and as has been stated there are many avenues to follow (i only tried to suggest one of the easier ones) then you would begin to unravel our physical and our conceptual world through natural insights that come to you through your thought (energy). Such as how to turn the flavor of pain in your cramping leg to one of pleasure, so that it is not uncomfortable. As your practice deepens your insights become more and more profound, so that when you reach a stage of consciousness that could be conducive to grasping for the state of consciousness we’re calling nirvana, when it occurs (if ever) then your deep conscious state is able to not only grasp it fleetingly, but firmly and you’ll have a conscious state that is akin to the level of nirvana, at least through this level of thought. (Yeah, it gets deeper) However, to reach that level of consciousness you must first have completely let go of your ‘self’ (which doesn’t exist, in the first place) within your psyche. From that point on your practice can get much deeper, indeed. The teachers who have mastered meditation have insights that are more accurate than what scientists are figuring out through mathematics, which is pretty amazing stuff, but sorry no links.
Anyway, if one were to delve deep into their personal experience, while meditating and were focusing on an itch, we’ll say. I wrote earlier of paying attention to the contracting and expansions, ever ongoing in every living thing, but in the itch, if you pay enough attention to it you’ll be able to feel tiny vibrations, within the expansions and contractions. Those ‘vibrations’ are actually tiny expansions and contractions. Now, if you could focus on those vibrations with enough concentration you would be able to differentiate the different vibrations into smaller expansions and contractions. Now, if your practice allowed you even more focus you could look into those secondary expansions and contractions and see another set of even tinier vibrations, which, guess what? More expansions and contractions! This is the very nature and existence of our entire universe!
Now if you could get past those vibrations and three or more sets more you would be able to see (i never have) a dark hazy figure or from what i’ve heard as a ‘lump’. The lump does something very significant. Also the lump is in each and every one of us, just very hard to find. However, by my belief the lump, effortlessly moves us from one moment to the next (time). By doing this the lump produces and allows for the manifestations that you experience during your lifetime. For me this makes the lump ‘god’ but any name will due.
I’d also be curious, if Amsterfan finds this to be a little better ‘insight’, than ‘karma and good vibrations’?
This was why i wrote what i did above, to try to clarify where i was (over the entire scope of things), which apparently was not on the same page as you.
The only thing that exists in the conceptual reality is what is within our scope of thinking (rising energy) or through our senses and what we feel, through either sensation or emotion, in the moment (any and every moment) and that’s it, nothing else. Kind of boring, huh? Kinda make you wonder why we invented our physical world doesn’t it?
To me the nature of thinking is what to do with the endless stream of energy we have rising out of our beings and occurring because we constantly feed our bodies, which produce more energy. And you are correct it is damn hard to put the brakes on your thinking! But to the rest of what you posted there i think we’re in agreement, except that what set you free are your profound insights that you find along the path.
Incorrect, by my way of thinking. Through knowledge that you have gleaned from your insights you are eventually able to see that your ‘self’ is non existent and even then you will find it quite difficult to actually ‘let it go’. But it is this letting go of that non existent entity ‘the self’ that will allow your practice to go ever deeper.
Psychotic episodes have nothing to do with reaching the level of nirvana, nor can nirvana be artificially induced, through, say mushrooms or lsd. It is a stage of consciousness, that can only be grasped by a matured consciousness, rather than a psychotic one. It is also but one level of consciousness among many and certainly more will be discovered, as man delves deep enough to find them. The human mind is likely to be as vast, as our universe.
Nirvana, if attained, even briefly, would never considered to be a bad trip.
You learned of your (non ensuing) mortality through learning programs, in your physical world. These programs, as i tried to explain to Cat can usually be quite less forthcoming with actual truthful statements. (But that is the nature of government doublespeak, or rhetoric).
Our conceptual reality and our physical reality are never at odds with each other, so there is never any opposition or conflict. We are born with our conceptual reality and from there we begin to ‘learn’ about our surroundings, don’t we? We learn from direct contact with our parents and others around us and this is what forms the foundations for our physical reality. The reason for calling our physical reality dualistic is because of the way we navigate, within our reality, with choices and decisions. Back to the ‘left, right up down wrong right’ kind of world we have to deal with.
You do not become part of the whole, by reaching nirvana, or even by meditating. You and i and everyone else reading this, are already part of the whole. We were born, as part of the whole and our ‘selves’ will die at the end of the cycle, maybe for some when the body wears out, for others much sooner. However, your being or ‘soul’ whatever you want to call ‘it’ it’s your connection to the whole and the whole never dies. If the whole were to die our existence would cease to exist! The whole will last precisely, as long as our universe lives on. But ‘selves’ dying has zero effect on the whole. And technically the selves themselves never die, because their profound contributions to our learning processes live on in our memories, don’t they?
There is nothing wrong with being agnostic, as it shows you are at least interested in learning more about the nature of your existence, which most people think about briefly and only occasionally. They never care if they know the whole picture, which seems kind of crazy to me. I don’t know if i’ve done anything for your ‘dread’ but i am enjoying this topic, so thanks for bringing it up. It has always fascinated me.
Though i do wonder where Blackstone is, when you need him!;-)
In my opinion never, that is not what thinking is for. Thinking, among many other facets is mostly forming ideas that fabricate our physical realities.
You would have to clarify what you mean by separate, but my thinking has it that your entity is not separate from thought and is likely very much a part of the ‘thinking’.
The entity letting go of it’s ‘self’ is the ‘spiritual’ (for lack of a better word) you, with in your conceptual reality. Even within your physical reality there is the spiritual you, but to navigate our physical world you have to take on much more responsibility and because of that we form our’selves’ to compensate for us ‘where all the world’s a stage’. The self is just a manifestation to make us feel real.
You could probably find no other task, that would create more effort. imo.
I’ve already said that trying to reach this deep level of consciousness through meditation, is a very slow and arduous challenge, or if i haven’t it is, at least for me;-) However, for some it’s as easy as getting hit by a ton of bricks. That is how it occurred to Genpo Roshi, which is why he has tried to come up with his ‘shortcut’ through combining psychoanalysis, with common sense to produce the ‘big mind’ within all of us. This guy’s shpeal is much the same, as how he achieved the level, we’re calling nirvana, but i’ve never much prescribed to what he says and you’ll see what i mean if you visit his site.
No confusion, I would characterize our differences as miscommunication, and not only because you are ‘only a student’ (and as a student, I would expect that you have ‘reference materials’ to aid in your ‘studies’), but because I am only an observer (as an observer, I’m working from introductory texts, comparative religion studies, & original scripture to gain my understanding of the faith traditions).
Additionally, I’ve also given myself the task of describing these matters in a scientific/secular manner.

So, as you can see – I’m working from some huge disadvantages (this is where everybody gets to chime in with their own list of my disadvantages) when attempting to bridge this gap in our different understandings.

Why do I choose to give myself such a difficult task though? It’d be a damn bit easier to just buy into some established ‘spiritual organization’ & their explanations & ‘exercises’ (dare I say rituals).
I suppose your side note to Amsterfan would be the best way to explain this.
All this talk of nirvana, ‘Truth setting one free’, ‘non-existent selves’, ‘non-ensuing mortality’, etc., isn’t going to explain anything with your run of the mill atheist. In our ‘modern world’ it’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. And a large contributing factor in this is “place & time”. The place & time those concepts were 1st explained, & the place & time those explanations are received.
Don’t forget though, Buddha’s ‘learning programs’ were Hindu; Jesus’s, Judaism; we’ve got science & secularism thrown into the mix.

Assuming for a moment that these individuals in fact existed, the truth of the matter is that the Buddha & Jesus walked the earth at different times (again, conceptual) & in different locations (the physical). Believing with any sort of certainty that either of these individuals existed in the manner we understand today is in itself a leap of faith.

I try and avoid ‘leaps of faith’. Once again, reason to be agnostic.

None of this changes what the truth (def: that which conforms to reality) is though. You & I have both acknowledged this, albeit in our own words.

There is a strain of thought in Islam that understands this problem explicitly. The Koran is unique in religious texts because of the belief that it is indeed the word of god – not inspired by god. The belief is that these words were spoken directly by god in Arabic & then transcribed in Arabic. By translating these words into another language, the divinity, and true meaning is lost.

So, suffice it to say, when I compare the moment one discovers the freedom giving “Truth” or nirvana with some sort of psychotic episode, it is only in order to understand & describe those events.
One need only to compare the causes (not the postpartum one!) & symptoms as listed in my link, with the descriptions in scripture & other texts- Jesus’s 40 days in the dessert, Buddha’s time spent under the bodhi tree are but 2 examples that come to mind.

I’m going to now skip to the end of your post:
as in, “That responsibility is already yours, whether or not you realize it.”
In complete agreement with this statement and all its connotations.
The question one must ask oneself though, is how have I/we acquired these ‘profound contributions’; and can one be sure that once acquired, these memories actually resemble the original ‘profound contributions’?

The point of all of this ‘incomprehensible bollocks’, is to say – I believe you and I are describing exactly the same things, our only difficulty is bridging the differences in terminology, and how this terminology is expressed.
But because I believe that our only problem is one of miscommunication – I can accept what you say concerning meditation, others may not though.
My point is, and I may be a bit presumptuous, I feel no ‘dread’ (this lofty attitude may very well evaporate the moment I were to receive some sort of ‘life threatening’ diagnosis, if that happens though, I will be extremely disappointed in myself);

Your point is that once we realize our ‘non-mortality’, mortality is no longer a concern, hence no ‘dread’ for those that make this realization also.
Sounds like we’re talkin’ ’bout the same thing.
“The Seeker”
You could call the practice of meditation a ritual, especially when put into the context of a meditation retreat. Everyday is spent meditating, from sunrise to past sunset. Meditating during your meals and when walking anywhere. The entire retreats are usually done in silence, except for the teacher. Let me tell you, the first few days you’re wondering wtf how did i blow a vacation on this!?! But by the end of a week, or two, or especially a month you would not believe how calm you feel and how much everyone in the ‘real’ world are assholes! Takes some getting used to, before your ‘glow’ begins to fade away… (of course sometimes you can come out of a lengthy retreat, with a heavy dose of the heebie jeebies, which just shows that the path to deeper consciousness is full of pitfalls. But what noble quest doesn’t have those pitfalls?
No, i think amsterfan is a nice fellow, who gets insulting on occasions, but usually when he feels he’s been picked on. We all get defensive, including me, but i was just hoping he might put more of a look see, into this ‘thought’, which might sway him to at least think a little more toward agnostic. Like i said in another thread i think atheism is as much a waste, of your ‘time’ in this life cycle, as most of the religions out there! Both ends of the spectrum are using ‘faith’, as pretty much their entire argument. Pretty lazy, imo.
Incorrect, imho. We have science, but you should throw out the secularism, as it is basically only good for scaring your children into line, isn’t it? Sort of like Pat Benetar’s ‘Hell is for Children”? Maybe a bad example, but Buddha didn’t learn from hindu’s he had his own program, which is what many paths are based upon, including many of the asian ones, which include zen. (Did you hear what Bhudda ordered at the hotdog stand? Make me one, with everything!) Jesus, on the other hand, supposedly traveled to India, during his forty night disappearance. However, i’ve been reading reports and trying to figure out if there is any accuracy to them, they purportedly state there are no records of Jesus ever existing, during the timeframe when he was supposed to have lived. There were pretty good records then and the claim is Jesus isn’t included, in anybody’s history, except his disciples. I gotta look more into this, but most of christianity was written by Charlamange (sp?) in the third century AD, which pretty much brought on the dark ages, eh?
yep, we are in agreement here.
i’d call that good advice.
The islamic koran is about as reliable, as the bible, imho. From what i’ve read it was written after Mohammed lived, so likely by one of his disciples, though i am hazy on islamic history. I also am not familiar with the teaching in the koran, but i’m sure they don’t include violent beliefs, in how world order should proceed. Whenever, something was transcribed back then, the original thought was lost and you can be darn tootin’ the same thing happened during all those translations, of the bible.
Forget the psychotic episode comparisons, ok? and suffice it to say that you are still confused, at least to my opinion on the matter of ‘freedom giving “Truth” or nirvana. Nirvana is a state of consciousness and nothing else and doesn’t offer you freedom, from anything. The ‘freedom’ you feel, comes from learning your ‘profound insights’ which can only be learned through the experience of practicing meditation. You can learn them from a master teacher, but they are far more profound, when you stumble across them your’self’. He, or she can tell you how to alleviate the pain, in your leg, for example, but unless you’ve figured out the insight, on your own, through your own experience, you can’t begin to understand how focusing on the pain and reducing your natural resistance to the pain, can make the pain dissipate, a little, or entirely, depending on how much you reduced your resistance to the pain. The teachers can show you the path, but you must travel the path, in search of the insights along the way. Does that make any sense?
We can’t except to hope that somebody transcribed something with at least a little accuracy, eh? Which is a good point, but another reason to travel that road less traveled, to find those insights, on your own and i can guarantee you they are out there, for all of us to find. We just have to have the desire to look.
Can’t help, if they do or they don’t, but i do wish we could get some fresh blood in here, don’t you think? C’mon members haven’t you at least have some questions i could flounder over? You’ve been great dannymac, but i agree, with you that it would be nice to hear Mucky’s thoughts on any of this.
You’re being way too presumptuous. You have no ‘self’ to be disappointed in, remember?
Totally depends on the individual. Some of us don’t like change, no matter what the package. However, with the right degree of equanimity it would be much easier to accept.
If you are interested there is an adult retreat center, in or near Rhinebeck, NY. They call it ‘upstate’ but parts of Pa. are further north. Anyway their website shows a calendar of events that include topics across the spectrum, for adults and includes a lot of meditations. The food there is incredible, some of the best i’ve ever had and that’s at every meal! If you and the wife ever need a really great break, from the daily grind, consider a course of there. They have them during the week and on weekends.
I think being self aware is when you realize your own awakening of what it’s really all about and connect with the earth and the inner feeling of life as a whole, the true feeling of being in tune with the universe…
I don’t think it’s a thing that drugs, education, reading or anything else can make it happen, I think it’s a trigger in the mind that happens to some who just all of a sudden get it…

it’s probably a genetic code some of us had when our alien creators started the HUMAN experiment here on Earth…

That being said.. “who knows”….
I fear my last post was ‘incomprehensible bollocks’, for it doesn’t appear that we’ve bridged that gap in understanding.
I’m going to attempt again. Because you & I both put value to Buddhist teachings, I will rely on some quotes/sutras from Buddhism, but I may also come off a bit harsh in other respects.

Additionally though, I’ll probably remove any doubt some may have as to my sanity – so I’m sure a few will be entertained by that.
I apologize in advance, for the harsh part, I could ******’ care less what anybody thinks of my sanity.

We’ve ended up going off on several tangents, so I’d like to try and get back to the original question of, what does it mean to be “self-aware”?

I’ve already agreed with a number of respondents, and I’ll add what has to say to the list:
In a general sense, I hope we can agree that this somewhat captures what we are talking about.

I began my discourse on the subject with this:
What we’re calling “self-aware”, if not truth/nirvana in and of itself, then I hope we can agree that it is at least a prerequisite.
As has said, “…connect with the earth and the inner feeling of life as a whole, the true feeling of being in tune with the universe…”, sounds like he’s saying ‘becoming part of the whole’…
And I’ve said:
In hindsight, ‘control’ may not be the best word to describe what I mean here. What I’m saying is that once you realize that only you are in control of these 2 realities, and that you truly understand these 2 realities, they become like one. If one reaches this understanding an awakening will occur, and one will have a ‘true feeling of being in tune with the universe or as you would say, the oneness of it all.

How does one reach this state of “self-awareness”?
You advocate Buddhist technique to reach this state; I agree that this indeed can be one way to reach this state. But…

Have you heard of the “Kalama Sutra”, The Buddhist principle of free inquiry?
It seems a group of people approached the Buddha with a problem. They said they had heard many teachers, and what they said all sounded good. The problem was that the teachers would sometimes criticize each other, or, what one said went against what another had said. Their question was, what should they do? How could they know what to believe and practice in their daily lives?
And the Buddha told them: “Don’t believe in anything only because that is given by a well known teacher. Don’t believe in anything just because that has been handed down by tradition. You are invited to receive a teaching and to try to apply it to your life to see whether it works or not. If it works, it can remove pain and suffering, it can bring happiness and liberation, then accept it as the truth.”

Understanding this, let me once again quote from my initial discourse:
I maintain that my statement is identical in meaning to this Buddhist statement:
By oneself, indeed, is evil done; By oneself is one defiled.
By oneself is evil left undone; By oneself indeed is one purified.
Purity and impurity depend on oneself. No one purifies another.

It is my belief that we are saying the same things, but using different words.
Because you have refuted several of my positions, I hope to clarify them so that you at least understand me (and this is the part where my sanity comes into question).
Actually, having partied in the ‘Dam with him, being given a grand welcome while visiting in his area, & having him help me with a few other issues – I can assure you asterfan is indeed a nice fellow.

Therefore, I hope we can agree that, some fellows can be nice, but they can also be very skeptical of anything that hints of religion. I understand this, because I am also a ‘born skeptic’. And I’m a bit skeptical at some of your claims.
I’ll gladly throw out the secularism then.

Maybe my use of the word Buddha has confused you. Would you understand my statement if I had used Siddhartha Gotama?
What I am saying is that before Siddhartha Gotama became Buddha (at which time he did devise his own “programs”), he was on the face of this planet for approximately 32 years. I will entertaing the possibility that during all the years he spent under his father’s dominion he never heard a word of the Hindu religion.
But I refuse to believe that the approximately 6 years he spent ‘searching’ he didn’t run into any Hindu ‘teachers’.

And to further elaborate on this theme, his ideas concerning reincarnation/ Transmigration are nothing more than an accommodation of Hindu teachings.

I can agree with the Buddha’s teaching of the ‘one-ness’ of the universe & that we are part of this oneness; Not because of anything the Buddha teaches – but because what the Buddha teaches conforms precisely with what I know about science.
You cannot create energy(conceptual) & mass(physical) out of thin air. Therefore, it should be a no brainer to understand that the energy and mass that is ‘myself’ – was here before ‘me’, and that it will be here after ‘me’.
There is nothing that would lead me to believe in any sort of flame (even if it’s just a metaphor for this ‘energy’) that will get passed on, and on, until the flame is extinguished by ‘nirvana’.
I do believe that becoming ‘self-aware’ can be likened to ‘nirvana’ because attaining both will allow you to recognize “that there is nothing but what is seen of the mind itself; where, recognizing the nature of the self-mind, one no longer cherishes the dualisms of discrimination; where there is no more thirst nor grasping; where there is no more attachment to external things.”
And considering their advanced ages, the same for Buddhist texts.
But if factoring in another sort of “reliability”, the Buddhist texts do have a lot going for them.
The fact that Buddhist teachings are approximately 500 years older than Christian teachings, and these lessons were not written in the hand of its originator – it’s quite a testament to their cohesiveness that there is only a few “schools” of Buddhism;
You can’t say that for Christianity, even though it’s 500 years younger;
You can say that about Islam though (although I would maintain that a strong contributor to their ‘cohesiveness’ is due to the fact that they believe their complete text IS the word of God), but Islam is younger still.

The point is, I hold Buddhist text up to the same light that I hold other religious texts.
I will not.
Did you follow my link on
brief psychotic episodes?

Here are the facts as they have come to us:
After living the good life, protected from anything that could perturb his mind by his father – the inevitable happens…
Siddhartha Gotama is confronted with a few harsh facts of the real world;
This confuses the shit out of the guy, and he up and leaves his family because of it(this has gotta’ be stressful already);
He goes on a 6 year journey, fasting along the way until the bulk of his body was greatly reduced;
He then sits under a tree in a crosslegged position that makes it hard to move; (This has gotta be stressful for any man, including Siddhartha Gotama – who’s not yet the ‘Buddha’).
If you followed my link, you would have discovered that stress can bring on “Brief Psychotic Disorder”

You would have also discovered that to be diagnosed with “Brief Psychotic Disorder”, you need only exhibit 2 symptoms from a list of 5.
Hallucinations & Catatonic behavior ( holding rigid poses for hours and will ignore any external stimuli) appear to be the symptoms in question.

You can deny it all you want, but the literature describes these exact symptoms when Siddhartha Gotama reached the ‘moment’ (a ‘moment’ that supposedly lasted a week) of his enlightenment.

I’m no psychiatrist (I’m sure if a psychiatrist were present he would perform more tests before passing judgement also), but it appears to me that Siddhartha Gotama’s condition at that moment, was a clinical case of “Brief Psychotic Disorder”. Understand though, hallucinations & catatonic behavior only describe – they are not words that pass judgement in and of themselves – it is only your preconceived notions that do (just as amsterfans preconceived notions have contributed to his atheism)

The same can be argued for Jesus’s 40 days in the wilderness;

And I could claim that I passed through this “moment” myself, some 12 odd years ago (the ‘stress’ could be attributed to my being laid off) – I could call it the moment of nirvana, the moment I discovered the freedom setting truth, or I could up some fuckin’ name – but I’m also not offended in the least if you choose to call it a “brief psychotic disorder” – thus removing any doubts some may have about my sanity.

I hope you understand me when I say – Truth (or ‘reality’), never changes – only the way in which it gets described.

Buddha hesitates a bit, but then starts a long life of teaching;
Christ immediately starts teaching, but only manages to get 3 years in before he gets himself killed;

Well, thankfully I was laid off at the time, because while that ‘moment’ was less than 40 days, it was longer than the week under the Bodhi tree. I was able to still function, & nobody referred me for professional help.

All I can tell you is that once this moment passed, I was filled with the peace of mind that the texts describe as nirvana/truth – or it very well may only be the associated symptom of a Euphoric Mood.
But it doesn’t matter how you describe it – I’m the one it happened to.

Okay, so what now?

I can assure you I’m no Buddha, Jesus, Jim Jones, David Koresh, or even an L. Ron Fuckin’ Hubbard –

I’m still dannymac, the stoner, maintenance man – who is generally in a “euphoric mood” regardless of the moment (stoned or not). And as in Zen, I find a lot to laugh about (lately muckypup has been a prime giver of this laughter).

I live my life in a deliberative fashion, especially in the words I choose to communicate. Because of the difficulty of this subject, it’s taken a lot of words (and we’ve probably still got some misunderstanding between us);
But if you analyze the ‘call & response’ the muckster and I were engaged in over the last month or so – you should see that it was indeed I playing with the muckster (he did have that one ‘gotcha’ moment with his feigned respect for the baby Jesus), to the point where he finally admits to being my trained seal.

For you, I would describe this ‘call & response’ as providing me with a bit of Zen laughter – it’s just that the muckster never realized he was the student (until he admits to being a trained seal).
The way I see it, self awareness begins when a person first realizes there are other people in the world, besides themselves.

Self awareness begins, where selfishness ends.

Self awareness is recognizing we need each other to get through life.
You could be aware that your are selfish!
I was gonna grab a geode and channel Deepak Chopra for the answers, but I like these very much.
A thoroughly Christian perspective on the subject. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but much of what you wrote can be misunderstood (which is my point about Christianity – see above).

Of the three sentences, I believe, “Self awareness begins, where selfishness ends.” comes closest to describing what alpha & I, and others, have been saying.

I don’t believe your other statements go “deep” enough though – and, as I said, are open to much misunderstanding, as in…

The thief realizes there are other people in the world, & needs those other people to be his victim.
Now I`m confused.
Would you mind repeating all that again?
I’ll deliver the “punch line” now for you. Tell me if you’re still confused.

You are going to die – get over it already!!!!
All those words to tell us something we already knew?
What a waste of bandwidth.

When and if you find peace of mind, could you let the rest of us know where to find it as well?
How could I be confident that you know you are going to die, when you believe that somebody has actually died, come back to life, disappeared, will be returning any minute now, and if you die before he returns you’ll rise up when he does return?

Since there is some doubt as to whether you really believe the 1st part – how could I ever be confident that you understand the 2nd part?

And I do have that peace of mind that comes from believing & understanding the implications of my statement.

End of page 2,
Page 3 starts hear:

I feel you dannymac.
I`m suprised I haven`t already bit it.
True, my days are numbered, and
I was hoping for the sake of brevity, to skip all the “self” stuff
and continue on with the “awareness”.

Religious philosophy and dogmatic discussions are interesting enough, I guess if you don`t mind being hypnotized with repitition and trite disputes over a discussion`s semantics and usage.

And more talk of (((((((((((((((Karma))))))))))))))).

Please. Kill me. Now.
Quite possibly one of the most insightful observations typed in this thread!!
…and besides; I don`t think I want to live in a world where mucky can`t have the last word.


So there it is.
If I was a female, I would have Mucky’s baby.
I am a devout hetrosexual, but I must confess
I too, had gay thoughts when I saw those shiny shoot-fighter pants he was planning to wear that day….
Erm, when exactly did you see those?
1500 hrs
20 November 2009
ha, so next question

how do I get to see them, where is it?
Now you’re just being silly Danny.

Regardless of my religious beliefs, regardless of ANYBODY’s religious beliefs, we are all going to die someday.

And there AIN’T no doubt about it.
Maybe the beginning of self awareness is when one discovers one is not an extention of ones Mothers tit but a separate entity.
This is the final question I am going to answer for you about muckys pants.

You might check some of muckys posts from around the above mentioned time frame, but stay off his dick; you know how he hates that.
Ha, ha, ha, Ta!
Don’t do it! I bear him two children and now the bastard acts like he don’t know me but thats ok because my attorney will be getting ahold of him soon.
Hey I was gonna have mucks loveeeeee child.
“The Seeker” I would agree with you here, absolutely. I also agree with what  said and what you’ve generally stated earlier, but with what you’ve written below we still have little to bigger differences.
How many teachers would have been out there? I agree he ran into a few, but most, if not all were trying to reach a deeper level of meditation. When one begins meditating they can reach a fairly ‘deep’ level of meditation. One name of many for this level, i think is Transcendental meditation. However, you only reach a level and go no further. Siddhartha Gotama (can we call him sid for short?) wanted to go much deeper, but nobody really knew how (though i’ll admit it could have just been better marketing by sid, even back then) When he sat under the tree it was supposedly either reach a deeper level or perish. He hit the jackpot.
I think sid got a much better footing, from his own observations during his experiencing that very deep level of meditation. Insights continue, even after you’ve reached ‘nirvana’. Insights into the very fabric of time and space.
I’m no scientist, so where the energy actually arises from is very much, in question. But if you can see that ‘energy’ as being at least a portion of your ‘soul’ then why not, as a soul that was here before ‘dannymac’ and also one after ‘dannymac’?
I think we have ‘self’ awareness, as many posters have stated. The reason to ‘sit’ is to experience that ‘self awareness’ at a higher volume through direct focus of the experience, moment by moment. By doing this you will discover important insights into our existence. Should you attain the level of nirvana, it is only a level of consciousness and i’ve always heard it described, by master practitioners “as nothing special”. Just a state of mind that if nurtured can last a lifetime. Another way of putting what you’re trying to achieve through a practice “is going to where there is no thought, no perception, no ideas. Only Silence, Beingness, Awareness – without any one being aware. Just the Isness. That means dropping ideas of self, ego, identiy, attachment, desire – and simply dwelling in the Now, in the Moment.” a direct quote, from my sister who is much more knowledgeable, on this subject. She also has a much deeper practice.
This is where we have a big disagreement. I am glad that your ‘episode’ turned out ok, as from your site they describe the other end of the spectrum, as being locked up in inpatient care. However, i don’t believe your episode was an ‘event’ associated with the state of nirvana. Nor do i believe that upon reaching the state of consciousness, we’re calling nirvana, either through meditation or having it just ‘hit you’ do i believe that it can be induced, by your brief psychotic episode. I also don’t believe that is what occurred to sid so long ago. Sid put a great amount of strain on his mind and body and that was likely what gave him a break through i just don’t see it connected to what you’re describing.
Your site describes brief psychotic episode as a “break down”. I’m no psychiatrist either, but from the symptoms your site describes, one could surmise that it is a nervous break down they are talking about. Your site describes the symptoms as ‘Delusions’, ‘Hallucinations’, ‘Speech that is markedly disorganized’ and ‘Behavior that is markedly disorganized and catatonic’. I have met several ‘masters’ who i believe have attained the level of nirvana, either thru practice, or the other way (it just hit them) and none exhibited any of those ‘symptoms’, quite the opposite, in many ways. I also don’t think sid experienced your psychotic episode. When he reached enlightenment, under that tree it didn’t go away. He continued his ‘practice’ and held on to the enlightenment, because of that. (and like i said before, could sid have set himself up, as the Bhudda and attract students to his new found ‘path’, if it were a ‘brief psychotic episode?;-) It may be something that is ‘nothing special’ but anyone who has actually experienced the consciousness, even fleetingly and is aware of the moments its occurring, wants to get it back. Whereas, i believe your experience may have felt like nirvana, because of the feelings of inner peace and tranquility, with what felt like additional focus, but i’m not convinced it was nirvana you were experiencing. However, having never had a knowing experience of ‘nirvana’ myself, or your brief psychotic episode, i’m at a little of a disadvantage here, meaning this and everything else were talking about is pretty much speculation, but that’s what the profound insights are supposed to clear up.

There are HUGE doubts about it nyny, or at least, in the sense your various religions like to market their special afterlife offers, like christians’ everlasting bliss for just for being good a few years, to your faith, not humanity. That would be shweeeet, but sounds more like the fairy tales our government’s media feeds us everyday. I think were here for the long haul, it’s kind of hard to learn all of the lessons life has to offer and become wise, in just one lifetime. (won’t happen for me, in this one, as you can see from my outbursts here, eh?;-) And this is where Karma raises her sweet head. The better your karma, during your lifetime will have a direct relation to where you wind up, in your next lifetime, imo. If you fail to show that you’re a responsible human being and can’t even understand the christian’s ‘golden rule’ you got little chance of ‘being’ anything other than life support, for the planet, instead of ‘intelligent’ (if it can be called that) life.
That said, it means i can only hope that our useless leaders will get their ‘just’ desserts, in the afterlife, where they were praying for so much more and once sent down the chain, it’s a long, long road back…
A lot of different descriptions….

Is this “self awareness” a conditioned or unconditioned state?
Christian belief in life after death is a “fairy tale” according to you, but then you say, “The better your karma, during your lifetime will have a direct relation to where you wind up, in your next lifetime, imo”?

Do you realize just how illogical your position is?

You believe in reincarnation, based upon your idea of Karma. How is this not a fairy tale as well?
So the way y’all are describing it… Mother Teresa is soaring as a bird right now and Jeffrey Dahmer is about to become Courtney Love’s next STD.

I love fairy tales with a happy ending.
Which is why Libertarianism will never work.
I`ve heard of this Nerve
A real heavy breather.

In fact, I think I dated her back in the 70`s.
After birthing 3 boys I believe you dudes become self aware at about 2 weeks old when you first discover if you yank it it grows and nothing much changes after that.
(you forgot the part about my peace of mind)
I am dead serious!
You are quite correct when you type, “we are all going to die someday.

And there AIN’T no doubt about it.”
But that is not what I said. What I said, & what I am ABSOLUTELY correct in saying is, that…
You don’t actually believe this, if you can actually believe that somebody – ANYBODY – has come back to life after being dead for 3 days, disappears soon thereafter, and you think this guy is coming back any second, but if you should die before he comes back – not to worry, you’ll come back then too!!!

Additionally, My statement has nothing to do with anybody’s religion.
Your misunderstanding of my statement is where you think the religion comes in.
I defend religion for the most part – regardless of how confused those who believe in religion actually are. And that’s for you too alpha.

Again, I choose each and every word I type with attempted precision. If I later edit a post, I believe you will find that I add a note as to what I have done – I do not want to confuse people. They do get confused on their own quite easily.

I’m really enjoying this.
I don’t mean to offend anybody or their religion though. I’m also sorry if by mixing the profane with the sacred, I offend anybody else.

I’ll get to you later, but life calls.
No, you are absolutely WRONG. Once my physical organic body dies, it is dead. (Unless you believe in Zombies. I don’t)

It is my spirit that would be resurrected, NOT my actual body.

Can you comprehend the concepts of physical life/death vs. spiritual life/death?
You may not believe in zombies but you believe in fairy tales.

Spirit, yeah right. And what about a squirrel’s spirit? Or a dog’s? Or a Cat’s?

And where are these spirits located? I mean really, there must be an assload of spirits out there. Where do they all go? And what do they do?

I’m just wondering?

You just don’t want to face the truth.
What I cannot comprehend is why any ****** is continuing to humour this tedious orgy of tl;dr psychobabble about the ****** meaning of life, or whatever it is these fartknockers are blithering about.
No such thing as Zombies?

OK, then explain this:
Personally, I consider myself sufficiently self-aware to know that if I’d been found out as having ******, I wouldn’t consider myself in a position to mock anyone else for at least a year.
Personally, I consider yourself so insignificant in the whole scheme of my life that you actually finding out anything, however truthful or not, really doesn’t matter to me and I will not only continue to mock whomever I please but say in so many words that cretins like you should go **** off.
“The Seeker” In my opinion, you are in a conditioned state, while in the physical reality but an unconditioned state, in the conceptual reality. Once a person masters the conceptual reality they can effortlessly switch, from one to the other, which ever they choose.

end of page 3.
Page 4 begins hear:

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Fair enough. That’s your right.

Of course, I and everyone else retain the right to respond to your mockery with ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU ******!’, which just about nullifies anything you’ve got to say on any topic whatsoever.
You can THINK whatever you want.

We know you are usually found in a pub with your right hand soaking in a glass of vodka.
“The Seeker” You are absolutely correct, , when the biological body dies it dies. It rots and eventually turns to dust. That’s pretty dead, in my opinion.
I think ‘resurrected’ too strong a word, because i believe you have little control over your eventual destiny. Though, in a way, if you were coming back to the human level of consciousness i could see that as being resurrected, in an indirect way.
I can, but i think many religions have a completely blithe like view, for what occurs with the spiritual transition. I guess i will also need to apologize, in advance about religion, especially christianity, which i see as the one, with an extremely violent history. I agree, with dannymac that both islam and buddhism have the most cohesive histories, with what they believe. I also found his dissection of the three a most interesting insight.
Do you realize how many paradoxes we live with, in our reality?
Who are ‘we’?
Who are ‘everyone’?
You have nothing to crow about after what you and did in Amsterdam last year.
“The Seeker” What about them, ? Every living thing, be it a tree, a flower, an insect any living thing has it’s own ‘spirit’ that is how the nature of our very reality occurs effortlessly, before our eyes.
My opinion has it that they are located inside each living entity that is an entity, within it’s own right. By that i mean that our biological bodies have zillions of life forms, within it at any given moment, be they viruses bacteria, but the spirit is just one entity, within itself. And yeah Birdy, there’s more than a few ‘assloads of spirits out there, but you have to imagine they have the volume to fill up our entire universe. Where do they go? They don’t go anywhere they transition through a natural process we don’t understand, at least yet. What do they do? Some of them type back and forth trying to figure out the mysteries of our reality.
What do you believe the truth is ? Other than the mini-meltdown mucky seems to be having since he can’t get his teeth, into this thread.
What did and I do in AMS last year that was so terrible?
Ignore the fatty fatty troll troll,
You are unable to accept truth in any way, shape or form.

Obviously, you are not in touch with your spiritual, theoretical self. All living things have a spirit. Dogs, cats, even morons like you
Easy as pie.

It’s called bad (or too much) plastic surgery.
So they are traveling all over the universe? How long does that take? Say you’re out in some other galaxy and a cousin dies here on earth, can you get back in time for the funeral?

Spirits can type? Is this from a galaxy far far away with typewriters? How much is the postage?
The truth is we die and we rot in the ground (unless you’re cremated then you are just ashes and don’t get to rot).

That’s it. Which doesn’t mean a person that believes that a person can’t have spirit, but having a spirit after death, is preposterous, IMO.

But, like God, I can’t prove that it doesn’t exist, so believe what you want and good luck to you.
Because, there is little activity on the other threads?
Every member of this forum whom you choose to mock notwithstanding your terrible lapse of judgement. I’m not purporting to speak on behalf of them – merely pointing out they have an option.

So… Who are ‘we’?
No, you see I have spirit. I live in the real world.

You on the other hand have been so brainwashed (most likely by your cretin vapid parents), that you can not think for yourself.

But your believe in fairy tales and the supernatural, ghosts and goblins.



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But don’t you want to hear all the rumor and innuendo?

It can be quite entertaining when the gossip queens get together and make stuff up about people. Some of the most active threads are based upon gossip and unsubstantiated rumors.
The internet is chock-full of high quality porn. There is therefore never an excuse to engage in self-indulgent nonsense-talk with armchair philosophers on the proviso there is nothing else to do.
Not really. What chooses to masturbate over really doesn’t interest me.
How many insults can an asshole like you put into one response?

You never cease to amaze me with the dichotomy you present as your cyberself.

On the one hand you constantly bleat about poor and underprivileged, even though you readily admit to not giving much if anything to charity.

On the other hand you never fail to insult people in a myriad of ways.
You have no reservations about saying nasty, insulting things about peoples wives, fathers, daughters, etc.

You are a supreme ass and Dickhead. You earn this title each and every day.
Have you noted the “arm chair” philosophers are quite illogical in their thought processes?

For instance, when they Alpha states the christian beliefs in resurrection and eternal life are fairy tales, and then follows it up with a statement about how “karma will lead to a better FUTURE life”.

I thought we only have one life to live?
That, indeed is something you need to ask yourself.
I take that as a compliment.
Because I can not afford to give money to the poor nor do I think the measly amount I could give, if I could give, would be able to actually help them. Again, this is living in the reality. You think your $25 donation does anything but offset office costs? Please. But I guess it makes you feel good and allows you to feel superior to others so I guess it’s worth it to you no matter how trivial it is in the whole picture.

But we all know how you feel about the “poor” – lazy, on welfare, not wanting to work, unable to help themselves.
And you don’t? Please. When someone says somethng you don’t like you ar right in their face as well. You just don’t have the balls to say it to their face (see the Rangel story)
No , it is you are the biggest dickhead. Heck, you may even be the biggest loser. You live in a world surrounded by people so unlike you (Stuy town) that you must hate all of them. Your ‘me-first’ politics and your chest beating on religion is pathetic. It is people like you who give this country and bad name each and everyday, in their words and their (in)actions.

You are a little man stuck in a little box (probably with a butt-ugly ignoramus wife*).


*I just had to add that little tidbit to keep in character.
What absolute bollocks. Have you not just travelled to Amsterdam for the purpose of taking drugs and engaging in intercourse with a ropey old married woman? Was that free? Is this something you needed to do?

Of course you can ****** afford to give to charity. You just choose not to because you’re selfish and place your own drug-taking ahead of assisting the poor. Nothing unusual about that in itself, but combined with your penchant to bleat about the need for others to give away their wealth to the under-privileged, you come over as a massively hypocritical cunt.

Congratulations to for underlining this facet of your personality.

It isn’t a character you play. Admit it, to yourself at least.

The ass that posts horrible, nasty things about other peoples family is YOU not some “character”.

Everything you say about charity are mere excuses.

In addition to being a gigantic asshole, you are, quite simply, a CHEAPSKATE.
Whatever Mucky. You are a lonely old fag with a withered right hand.

You would be so lucky as too **** a woman of  ‘s beauty, intelligence and class.

You are an angry drunkard with no sense of humor and most like the face akin to that of a hog’s pimpled ass.

You and are two peas in a pod. You have never met anyone from this forum nor do you want to. You are pissants who live to troll this forum. Sad and pathetic.

Furthermore, I choose to do what I want with my money. I can not afford to give to charity and go to Amsterdam.

I do not find it to be my responsibility to help the needy, it is the governments, and I give to them, but IMO, they need to take more from those who can afford more which they don’t.

Suck it loser.

Last edited by on Tue Jan 12, 3:34 pm; edited 1 time in total
BTW, you need to go back and check to see who insulted whom first. (guess who, hypocrite?)

What I will admit is that you are a chicken shit cretin who has a pathetic life and hates most everything. You are a pissant who does not “get it”, who goes to Hot Tuna and Dead concerts with people so unlike him but who thinks he is one of them. You will never be. You are a sad man. You’re life is miserable and you take it out on everyone here.

I at least have met people from this forum who know me and know what kind of person I am. I do not hide like you behind this forum knowing that if anyone ever met you they would think, “What an asshole”.

People who know me know I would do everything for them, including giving them my last dime.

Suck it loser. You and need to get a room. You are both so insignificant it is laughable. You know why neither of you have ever been invited to any other offshoot forum? Because you’re both self-righteous assholes.

Last edited by on Tue Jan 12, 3:35 pm; edited 3 times in total
Danny, you should change the name of this thread to “Watch and  ruin a perfectly good debate.”
Air conditioned, I’ll bet.
I’m younger than you, I’m more heterosexual than you’ll ever be, and I’d put money on my hands being bigger than yours, you pudgy little twat.

What you seem to be forgetting is that I’ve seen pictures of her, whilst others in this forum have met or seen pictures of my missus. You’ve no idea how foolish you appear.
I rarely drink and am regularly applauded by PM for my wit and humour.
We are as ideologically distinct as can be. And yet we both think you’re a stupid cunt. Perhaps that tells you something.
Erm, pardon? Where did you get that from? The only person’s invitation for a meet-up I’ve turned down is ‘s. That’s because he’s a cock and hangs around with dickheads like you.

Ah. Bless. You’ll gladly watch someone without food or shelter because helping them is not your responsibility, but you give to the government on pain of arrest. Then you just bitch about it.

What a cowardly, woeful little hypocrite of a man you are. Typical*******  mock-socialist.
From what you wrote above

“I choose to do what I want with my money”

Why does that rule apply to you, but not people who earn mpre than you?
How sweet to be called a loser by an ex smack-head.
Just to correct you there, I was literally pleaded with on bended knee to join the original off-shoot forum, Cyberia, and I was recently invited to Ass Soaka by Dear Leader who obviously realised that a forum with 12 members wasn’t going to live for very long.
Or, alternately, “OMG!!!! STFU!!!!! GTFO!!!! MUTHA******HIJACK!!!!!!!LULZ”

See. The thread is more interesting already.

End of page 4.
Page 5 begins hear:


And then you woke up. Of course, it wasn’t to brush your teeth. I will admit you have a bigger ass than mine
You have no idea how classless and petty you appear. Nothing new there.
A legend in his own mind.

What it tells me is both of you are vapid ****tards despite your differences.
As with all forums, no one can determine what is truth and what is outright lies. Obviously you lie now, but despite that, you make no effort to meet up with anyone which says as much about your lack of character than the lack of character that would be apparent had you actually met up with someone.
Wrong, I’ll point them in the direction of the nearest homeless shelter and food bank.
Ah bless, as if you know what one is. I guess a socuialist has to give his last red cent to his fellow comrade. Not in my book. You are a tireless whiner and bore.
Because those who can afford more can give more (or have it taken from them)
I am proud that I am an ex-smackhead. It was better than the other option. I bet your father never made it to me an ex one.

Let’s see….

This thread was going on just fine until you and decided to turn it into thread of false accusations and insults.

Which is typical as you love that type of shit.

So right back at you.
If you care (probably not) go and reread my posts to this thread, prior to your arrival. The “debate” was going quite nicely, until you barged in and started your typical immature behaviour.

When speaking of ruining any debate or discussion, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
False accusations? Check.

Insults? Check.

Modus operandi of ? Double check.
How old are you,

You’re the one who started the ‘I **** fitter girls than you’ stuff. I was just pointing out it’s blatantly not true.
And the minds of many others. I know this upsets you deeply, and that you would dearly love it not to be the case, but it is. Sorry about that.
Ask the people I have met if it is a lie. In fact, one of them is calling you a cunt in his own ‘I tend not to call people cunts’ way in this very thread.
I’ll accept that I don’t go out of my way to arrange meet ups. That is because I without exception travel to Amsterdam with IRL friends (and I’ve been there many, many times more than you). I certainly don’t have to room-share with an odious hag I barely know and end up having to ****, and spend time with people I know over the internet.

Ooops. Sorry. I didn’t want to cause a meltdown or anything.
Wow. How altruistic.
Of course a socialist doesn’t have to give away all his money. He is generally too much of a ****tard to have any. What they actually do is whine that every fucker else has to give away all their money.
And why should a successful business man have to give up his trip to Barbados any more than you should give up your drug and ropey old tart habit?
My dad wasn’t a smackhead, and neither did he bring a smackhead into the world. That makes my dad at least 50% better than your dad.
****ing whoosh.

No here’s what was said (I hope this makes you a bit more self aware):
Get your facts straight asshole.
I have met several people on this forum in person, and a few others in cyberspace. I am not hiding, nor do I gossip or make stuff up (aka lie) or gossip about the people I met.

The people who like to go to Hot Tuna and Dead concerts share two common themes. They like music and they like weed. Any other similarities are within your immature imagination.

As far as having a miserable life, your posts indicate you to be much more miserable and conflicted than I could ever imagine. Go and review the insults we exchanged. Yours are quite obviously the product of a sick and miserable mind, compared to my quite ordinary insults.
Old enough to know that I am smarter and better looking than you.
Where? Please enlighten me.
Well at least you stay true to form.
This must be your mantra.
Must have been before he realized what a cunt you are.
Gsus. I’m not going back and hunting for some cunt calling me a cunt in his own ‘I tend not to call people cunts’ way in this thread. And really I couldn’t give a shit if he did.
Whatever. And I have been to NYC many many more times than you, so ******* what? As for your accusations, believe what you want. I could careless. I am not going to argue trying to change your mind. The people who have met me and know me know what type of person I am.
Ain’t happening here. You need to look in the mirror.
Damn right.
Wrong again. Not every ****** else. Just those who can afford it.
They wouldn’t anymore than you would have to give up your ‘I can finally get laid by a women even though I have to pay 50 euros to do so’ habit.
Oh so it was your mum who was one.

And nothing wrong with being an ex-smackhead (as I said, better than the alternative). At least I have empathy to those who are in the position now, unlike who who show little to no compassion for his fellow man. Shit dude, you are more of an American capitalist than you know.

I was trying to stay out of this because Mucky and seemed to have it nailed pretty well.


This has to be the most absurd statement you have ever made.

I saw . Sissy Spacek???!!!??? LMFAO!!!!!!

My GF’s dog is prettier and it’s a male. I would rather **** you than  LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, I don’t date dogs. No wonder the ‘desperate one’ was chasing me earlier this year.

I guess we all have different standards. LOL
I’d say for a woman her age she is not bad. Not my type but not bad.

And please Pete, you’re no Burt Reynolds.
And WTF does this mean?

I guess you like to see threads turned to shit.

No wonder this forum has deteriorated to childish buffoonery.
Never said I was. I fact, I think I’m butt ugly, but I have a sparkling personality that women find attractive. Since I have the ability to please a woman 20-30 times, looks are not high priority once woman gets to know me. has none of the qualities you attribute to her. Class??? When she was running around cheating on her husband? VERY Classy.
BTW, I only have sex with women and doesn’t qualify. LMAO!!!

Time to get the old eyes checked, . LOL

C’mon now. Start with the insults. That’s how you resolve conflict.
That’s it, you pleas them 20- 30 times and then their done with you? Come on , have a relationship, please them forever!
I know not of what you speak. She has not cheated with anyone as far as I know. But maybe you know different, that’s fine.
I’m glad to see you’re so easily amused.
Silly boy. That’s 20-30 times a night. Age and experience count. 🙂
I AM in a relationship and she can’t wait to see me on the weekends. Not bad for a 55 year old. What’s your excuse?

If is your ‘friend’ (and there are all sorts of degrees of friendship), ask her to tell you the truth that I KNOW. See if she’s really your friend. have her explain the depth of her desperation to where she chases after Channelites. She is disgusting and vile and it pains me to realize that she procreated. Those poor children. The Therapist bills will go on forever.

Now THAT’s sad.
You are absolutely correct. I noted I called you a moron earlier (about the 3rd page) in this thread.

However, your responses were ridiculously way out of proportion to the insult.

Which actually supports my contention that you are a moron.
So know we know you are a cunning linguist.

My gal doesn’t have to wait to see me on weekends. I’m full-time. And she is 11 years younger.

Your definition of an insult needs revising or get some thicker skin.

And there is no proportion. If you want to insult, you will be met with insults no matter how ridiculous in proportion you may think they may be.

Which is almost how I have always been.

I admit my insults go further than most. But the majority (IMO) of the time it is returning fire.

Continue to support my contention you are a moron
Stop your self-justificatory whining, you spineless twat. And get a grip: your insults are ******* shite – they don’t go ‘further’ than anyone else’s at all – they’re just classless schoolyard nonsense that I could see done better by teenagers on a ******* XBox forum, and they’re about as effective as a chocolate teapot.
“The Seeker” WOW! can you feel the self awareness percolating up around here?
I’d almost say PEOPLE CAN YOU FEEL IT! But, i think that would be a little overly presumptuous. But i hope you’re still up for this dannymac i’m still finding it interesting and looks like the kids are taking a much needed nap.
I’ve never knowingly experience this , so i’m kinda speculating here, but i’d think it is possible and that your speed would be dependent on the speed of thought. Would you have any valid estimations, for how fast thought moves? I’m pretty sure it’s damn fast, right up there with and possibly faster than the speed of light, though i have no idea what i’m basing that on.
Spirits can type, if they have three things; an organic body with good hands and fingers so they are capable of the action of typing. Secondly they need a functioning brain, so the spirit can transform his typing into comprehensible words and lastly the spirit needs to come up with a keyboard, computer and internet connection, so they can complete the deal. Sorry, but to my knowledge we don’t have intergalactic teletypes, just yet and i wasn’t aware the usps delivered to say pluto, maybe they give you a quote!?
You got the first part right but if your second statement is correct then where did your spirit manifest itself from before you were born? How was it possible for you to possess a spirit before you were born, but preposterous that you would maintain your spirit after death of the body?
Wow, such a saint you are . You don’t make a lot of money and choose not to give it to a charity that would put your puny donation to any real work, eh? Did you ever consider giving a couple of bucks, whatever you can afford, directly to the homeless or hungry? I was in amsterdam two years ago and doing a fly and buy from De Republic and while locking up the bike dropped one of my gloves and meant to pick it up, but had a senior moment and forgot. Walked into the coffeeshop and upon leaving realized i’d already misplaced the glove, but remembered i’d forgotten to pick it up. When i got out side the glove was already gone, but a homeless guy using a closed storefront for his temporary home saw my mishap and jumped on it. I saw him walking quickly away and decided to leave the bike and jog up to the guy, which scared the hell out of him, but i only wanted to give him the matching glove and a couple of euros. Didn’t hurt me in the least, Birdman, but the look on that guys face, when he realized what i was trying to do was absolutely priceless and should last at least a lifetime. But i picked up another gift, besides that priceless look and that’s a little more karma working for me, instead of against me. Karma really works!
I shall believe what i want, , as you shall, as well, but i would only ask you to look at the big picture, with a little better attitude. =)
Fair enough, . Then please refrain from making nonsensical statements like the below.
You have to KNOW a person to see if they are intelligent and classy. I already think you need an eye exam.
I’d like to thank Muck and for transforming this thread from something boring beyond belief, to entertaining.
Aw shucks . Mucky and I had little, if anything to do with it.

You should really be thanking .
Quite understandable muck.
I do want to thank you for joining us though, but…
as children often do, you’ve barged in and opened your mouth before observing what is going on.
We’ve got an adult discussion going on here, and as is often the case when adults discuss topics that they are passionate about, the discussions can get a bit rough. Sometimes adults say things they even later regret. The adults that are self-aware, are humble enough to apologize when their emotions get the better of them.

You on the other hand have come to play. As you know, I’m always up to playing with you mucky – you give me so much enjoyment. But I’m talking to the adults right now.

All I ask is for you to be patient, when the adults are done talking – I’ll gladly come to play with you (although, I think I could probably play in another thread if you really don’t have the patience).
Until then…you’ll have to find some other playmates. edit: actually, I see you’ve already got some playmates.

or if you prefer…

Last edited by dannymac on Tue Jan 12, 7:35 pm; edited 1 time in total
Hey muck! Glad you could join us. I’m sorry if you’re having some comprehension issues. I’m sure my “incomprehensible bollocks” has something to do with it – and I’m sorry for that too. I am trying to make things comprehensible though.

In america we had a president named Lincoln, I’d like to paraphrase him here (I think it sizes up what’s happening here):

You can make some of the people understand some of the time; but it borders on the impossible to make even one person understand all of the time.

So, I feel your pain.

Since you were the individual that introduced the term ‘self-aware’ – if there’s an adult inside of you anywhere, here is your chance to speak up and let us actually know what you meant.

I’ve now given you a couple choices. I cannot decide for you. It is something you must do for yourself. I will respect your decision though. This doesn’t mean I will discuss without passion,
nor does it mean I will play nicely – once us adults are done.

The sad part is what I perceive to be ‘s intolerance of anyone whose viewpoint doesn’t agree with his. From what I’ve observed, when opposing viewpoints are presented or someone challenges ‘s point of view, that’s when the insults start. That’s the part I find objectionable. And why I would no longer hang with Bird. Not that he needs me.

I mean, I don’t agree with everyone’s opinion but I try to understand that their opinions are just as valid as mine. And I try to respect them. Even if they’re not mine. I guess I resent the mindset that feels that it is always right and doesn’t offer respect.
There are opinions and there are facts. “There are coffeeshops in Amsterdam.” That is a fact. “The coffeeshops in Amsterdam suck.” That’s an opinion. Opinions are never right or wrong, unless they intrude upon the rights of another individual. They are opinions. Just that. The predilections of the individual.

. You were good company in Amsterdam but I don’t like the I see here. If you feel so much for the poor, take a few homeless into you home. Or else, STFU about the poor.

End of page 5.
Page 6 begins hear:


What you had was a collection of stoners writing what can only be described as self-indulgent, nonsensical babble. It was the epitome of tl;dr. Now what you have is a lovely hijacked flame-thread in which has already dealt the ‘your dad/mum/wife’ cards. Expect the thread view count to go through the ******* roof.

You should be ******* thanking me, you ungrateful little peasant.
Who’s the bitch in the pink hat?
I don’t know whether to congratulate you for your most interesting post on this thread so far, or give you a telling off for treating this ******* forum like it’s ******* Twitter.
See the new thread.
You know what muck’, you are absolutely correct!!
I hate that Twitter shit too.
I apologize to all, and will remove the post.
(sorry for the ‘format’ – I had a lot to cover & this was the easiest way to do it.)
*No I cannot comprehend the concept of spirit or soul.
*but now I understand it could be what I call consciousness or being. I am sorry for any misunderstanding.

But this incomprehension does not affect my peace of mind in any way shape or form.
I can comprehend that you both are concerned with what happens after you die, and therefore have latched onto something that will give you some peace of mind concerning what may happen after you die.

At least you’re better off than the atheists. You actually have a reason to be good. Your reasons are in order to either ‘move up the ladder’ or ‘reside in the good place’; my reason is that it gives me peace of mind that.
We believe to get any of this – it takes right thinking, and right actions.

Why exactly is it that an atheist would care about anything? They care because they have been brought up in a metaphysically based society and have been conditioned to care.

I digress though,

I only speak of the truth that conforms to reality – whether or not that reality is physical or conceptual.

I will absolutely concede the point that either one of you may be correct – but only for the reason that I have not died – and I don’t know what the **** is going to happen afterwards.

And yet, I still have the peace of mind that your ‘freedom giving Truth’ is suppose to give you ; and I also have the peace of mind that your ‘nirvana’ is suppose to give you .

I think I’ll stop there for tonight.

edit: *see added comments*, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Last edited by dannymac on Wed Jan 20, 5:06 am; edited 1 time in total
Like I give a shit?

Keep on pleasing your woman 20 -30 times a night and be thankful NJ is getting medical marijuana but please, your comments on me and my comments really serves no purpose.

And we never hung, please. Oh maybe once or twice in the ‘dam. But in NYC? Not.

And I could really not give a shit what think sof my insults how childish they maybe. He thinks he is a witty Brit when he’s actually a shitty twit.

And . Whatever. You’re clueless and laughable.

As for my view of charity, I could give a shit what any of you think. I give money directly to the homeless and hope the do by drugs and liquor with it. But I won’t be giving to any so-called “non profit” charity. That’s just putting money in someone else’s pocket and the majority of it doesn’t go to the actual charity work but to overhead e.g. rent, salaries, etc.

IMO, it’s the governments job, not mine to take care of those that need.

How’s that for self-awareness?
Now , I realise you’ve been sucked in by this person, but really intelligence? Come on, that’s stretching it a bit far! At best she used to have a reasonable memory capacity, full stop. If you knew her like I do then you really would’nt be defending her and making yourself a mockery on this forum.

Regards ‘class’ OMG – that has to be the funniest thing you’ve ever posted on this forum. Those who ‘really’ know her, know she aint got any. How do I know this, well, lotsa ways really but the one that really gave it away and made me realise what a lying, two faced bitch she really is, is the fact that when I first came onto this forum having a go at you and she kept on emailing me as usual, not having a go at me but being supportive of my plight whilst all the while employing her alter ego and sockpuppetry posting and being nasty to me as Candy O. I was all for giving her a second chance at our friendship and taking the blame for her behaviour on here and her character going down the pan until that point. However, I have to admit , and were spot on with their take on her. I got it wrong. It was only towards the end of last year that I realised what a devious bitch she had been when she openly admitted on this very forum that she was in fact  and her admittance of her lying behaviour with others too.

But not only did she behave appallingly with me but then came the scenario with and then . Added to which her most bizarre postings even having a go at anyone who would talk to her on here.


This has to be said, your arguement with is ridiculous. is one of the finest men I have ever encountered, he is a ‘gentleman’ in all senses of the word. He is honest and refined and I trust him. No wonder he is such a hit with the ladies. Ive told you this before beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

You constantly criticise what people look like, there are very few oil paintings in this world get over it! Mockery of others is what got me into the mindset when I first came onto this forum. Yes by one of your ‘piggy’ mates, and we both know of whom I speak here. His behaviour was also appalling at the last Channelites party, he made mockery of everyone except the chosen few, his fellow pigs, including myself. But even that didnt stop him from having a go at trying to get with me. I made it my mission to teach him a lesson and show him up for what his really is. Have sex with him, you have got to be joking, no way on this earth or any other. Sex, even though he was way up for it, never crossed my mind where he was concerned. Why would it, that’s not what I went to Amsterdam for. I went to chill out like most do and have a shopping fest whilst taking in the culture, not adultery.

Just when I thought I had got my point over to your pal on the morning in question he reverts back to type and makes up some cock and bull story, which can only be conceived by someone as high as he was and puts it about, once again gaining him the attention that he quite clearly craves. That became quite clear to me after I extracted the truth of where the tale came from in the first place. And you still keep referring to his lie regards me. When are you going to realise you’ve been had just like everyone else!
I congratulate you for moving on from these myriad atrocities with dignity and class.
And I truly admire anyone who can so effortlessly juggle 16 online personalities without batting a lash.
Watch out…this could get messy, I think Sybil is starting to unwind all her personalities.

Soon this entire ******* thread will just be her talking with her selves.
Oh OF, I just love that sense of humour of yours, can I borrow it PLEASE!

I like your style. No BS.
You go girl!
“The Seeker” No, i cannot deny the possibility. However, if one were to sit under the tree, or against the wall for even a couple of days they will begin to experience delusions, which will likely become hallucinations, if the stress you putting on your waking (and quaking) mind continues. I’m sure that if sleep is with held that your bpe could possibly be brought on. But those same psychiatrists claim than only some can achieve bpe. Appeared to me they believe your predisposed to it. Would seem to me and this is utter speculation, but that anyone should be able to experience the bpe, if they were to stress their mind and body, through sleep deprivation only. No need to even sit in a full lotus, just the need to remain awake and attempting to focus on experience.
Now let us say, hypothetically, that your experience and sids were one in the same. Could you see the implication that the difference between your experience and sid’s was that you were in a lot of fear that you were losing your sanity and thus your’self’? Struggling to maintain and not lose yourself, to the first part of your experience, before you felt the inner peace. The reason i ask is possibly, if sid were experiencing the same sensations, as you, he ‘saw’ the escape, which was to lose the ‘self’, to let it go and in so doing lose his sanity. However, he didn’t lose his sanity, it was just another paradox, to get around.
The ‘flame’ wouldn’t be extinguished by nirvana, only enhanced. The energy is what defines our souls, but i don’t believe our souls define energy.
If you were ever around an individual who has attained enlightenment, for a few days and had conversations with him or her you would know, without having any questions. Their equanimity is complete. They experience no anger, only compassion and loving kindness. A world filled to the gills, with these kinds of people would truly transform this place.
i disagree i would say your bpe only defines the approach to reaching the pinnacle ‘moment’ when you’ve got to decide whether your mind, id, ego and everything you believe holds your sanity together should just be pitched out and go insane. However, that is not what occurs, quite the opposite.
I disagree, as i believe you’re looking at two more paradoxes. is in the cyclical, because of the eternity of everlasting life, in heaven. You would have to have a loop to experience eternity, wouldn’t you? Whereas mine would appear to be cyclical, because of the thought of reincarnation, it is not, because you have a defined beginning (the big bang) and there will be a defined end. We were collectively born, with the big bang
And we will die when our existence ceases to continue moment by moment. But please understand that if our leaders decided to nuke this planet to complete annihilation only the bodies would die our energy would still be intact and forced to go back to rebuilding what’s been destroyed.
and i’m sorry guys but to recognize karma you only have to observe life around you and relate it to your own experiences. It’s quite easy to see, if you took the care to look.
First off, never been a piggy, aka the Hip Forums. Fuck them. And that guy is the definition of classless.

Secondly, take care of yourself, try to eat right, exercise a little, use some astringent.

Don’t hate those who look good. It usually takes some effort.
“The Seeker” Maybe that should have been FTW?
You know, for pimples…on your ass or face.
Thank you.
I’m sorry where did I ever say I was ever in “lots of fear”? I’ve not said anything of the sort.
And I’ve not said I lost any sanity either.
I say that I have lost the self, as you know it;
I am only describing it in a manner that you cannot understand.

Now then, you’ve agreed that sid’s time under the bodhi tree could be misconstrued as a BPE;
you’ve agreed that my experience is similar and can be described in the same manner;

You’ve denied that these masters have experienced something similar;
Yet you believe that these masters are enlightened.

What am I missing here?
And if I were in a room with these individuals, and they are as enlightened as you believe they are – I am quite certain that we would all find each other compassionate, loving individuals, full of equanimity & with no anger.

But I am not in a room with any of these individuals. Since I am not in a room with any of these individuals, it is quite understandable that I may not be viewed as full of compassion & loving kindness.
Wait a minute, I thought you agreed that to the uninitiated, sid’s time under the tree could be misconstrued as a BPE? What’s it gonna’ be?
And I would say…
That I have been on the journey/search all my life without realizing it
(sid was 32 before he realized he wanted to go searching – and what’d he do – he leaves his *****’ family);
I reached the pinnacle that you speak of – that ‘moment’ of enlightenment;
at that moment, I had similar experiences to sid & all the others mentioned (only difference being that I neither sat under a tree, nor did I hide in the dessert or a cave);
While having this ‘moment’ – I managed to continue being a good husband, father, & son-in-law. As already mentioned – I did not get thrown into the nut-house (You’ve agreed that sid quite possibly could have.)

This happened 12 years ago, since that time…
I have remained married, raised 2 daughters, have yet to be thrown into any nut-house, am loved by those that count, am sought out by those who know me & know that I only give well reasoned answers (and is willing to say ‘I don’t know’), have partied with board members (you’ll need to ask them if they enjoy my company in person), and have had several board members to my house (again, you’ll need to ask them what kind of a host I have been), and, if this conversation hasn’t scared any of them away – they will be invited once again to my house…

I could go on, but the point being – I’ve never said I lost my sanity anywhere in this thread.
What I’ve said, is that some individuals may believe that I’ve lost my sanity.
You have not understood me. Let me explain once more.
, and Christian belief is in the linear because they believe there is but one trajectory. Once you have died the reward is there;
You, and Buddhist belief (Hindu’s also) is in the circular because you believe that you’ve had a chance, you are here trying again, and if you don’t get it right – you’ll have another chance.

Both of you believe there is a soul/spirit that was present before & after your current state –
I am saying that I have no ******’ clue as to whether there is a soul/spirit before and after my current state, and that this does not affect my ‘peace of mind’ in any way shape or form.

I am also saying, that the behaviour sid, Jesus, & Mohammad, suggest be taken to get you to the “good place” or “off the treadmill of transmigration” , is EXACTLY the same behaviour I would suggest for you to gain my sort of ‘peace of mind’.

It’s just that for the vast majority of humanity – they don’t quite understand what sid, Jesus, Mohammad, or I am trying to say.

This is quite understandable. Please tell me, what biography of JFK do you like?
And do you believe that this biography is an EXACT picture of what JFK’s life was like?

Well ****- the texts that you use & those of the other faith traditions are much older than any old JFK biography. How could you ever be certain that what is in those texts, describe what actually happened at that time, let alone descriptions in those texts that purport to describe things that happened before that time.

Additionally – all these texts were written in a different, ancient language.
How the **** can anybody believe that they have been accurately translated?
Sorry, I’ve run out of time.

I wish I had more time, because after reviewing the thread, I’ve discovered that even the children have brought up some points that are worthy of discussion.

As they say, “out of the mouth of babes…”
You got that spot on!
Thanks for the advice but since losing weight myself Im doing a ‘Hannah Waterman’.
I don’t hate anyone! Why would I? Ive always thought hate to be a waste of emotion. I know its difficult for you being so close that you cant see the wood for the trees, but try to see the bigger picture here.

BTW regards charity – Ive worked for years doing charity work. Yes I do give money to charities especially when Ive raised it but one of my greatest satisfactions in life is being humble and actually rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in and actually helping out those that need it not by giving money but my time, energy, love and comfort – priceless!

So much so that I was invited last year to Buckingham Palace by our Queen to one of her garden parties in honour of the great and the good in honour of my work. That says it all me thinks!

Try getting your hands dirty, you might surprise yourself!

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Let’s see…I work nine hours a day, I commute three hours a day, I sometimes go to the gym for an hour or more, and I am helping raise (yes, God forbid) two boys, one 11 years old and one 16 years old, so any time I have free I try and relax.

Generally it’s a good idea to stay out of others disputes. In this case however i am compelled to comment, against my better judgement.

, i’m sure you already regret your posting in this thread and somewhere deep down i even feel ever so slightly sorry for you but…

You’re acting like a royal cunt.

As for comments concerning my take on …
No, i never liked her. I do, however, think that you, also, are very unbalanced. You freak me out.
You’re a one man peanut gallery.

Non! Je ne regrette rien!
Yeh…that says it all.
Ha Ha Ha nice one
Believe me, after reading a lot of ‘s posts and watching his childish reactions to anyone who doesn’t agree with him because he’s ‘right’, it’s NOT acting. 🙂
Whatever . Go **** yourself 20 – 30 times.

I have suddenly developed self awareness in that I have a new found total direspect for all of these proceedings.

A question for the professors:
Will someones (((((((((((((((karma))))))))))))))) be adversely effected if they make me upset on the internet?

Blissful shrugs,

End of page 6, done for the moment (only 16 more pages to go).

Get used to it . This is business as usual here on Channels.
Karma is a bunch of bullshit

Down to the name calling finally and crudity You are so predictable. I can hardly wait til your ho wakes up and dumps your ass like your wife did. LMAO!!!

Why don’t you go comfort some poor homeless? Oh I forgot. You are SO busy. You only ave time to rant about it here. You’re not a person. You’re a joke and a bad one at that.
That would make you a pretty crappy Buddhist then, huh?
No clue, , but it sure seems almost everyone but you and I are in bad moods today. I’ll wait and have mine tomorrow. 😉
I already regret entering this thread.
..I’ve crunched the numbers.

I’m calling bullshit on that one.
After reading the things has written on this thread, either he is much smarter then I give him credit for in starting this windup, or he is a vile self-centered piece of shit. I’m going with the second option.

Those of you that preach love and compassion and still associate with this prick do it knowing he doesn’t give a **** about anybody but himself and his little social network.

I’m sure he is a joy to be around when in Amsterdam.
Laundry …. Public….
OK. You’re entitled. I find it hard to believe myself and I’m not bragging. But keep in mind that we only see each other every other weekend, she’s a ‘cougar?’ and going through some hormonal thing.
Believe me, she’s KILLING me, but I can’t refuse, can I?

Ever have a woman pass out on you after the ninth or tenth?

Ever have a woman tell you she couldn’t move her legs afterward because she’s catatonic?
What can I say? I’m a double Scorpio. 🙂
Prior to this , the usual range with other girlfriends was 4 -6.

Actually, he was decent company in Amsterdam, except for that ******* bike. He actually walked it alongside cos I refused to ride a bike there.
I think my MRS. would want to go to sleep after the first couple. lol
could you put me on your dance card for that every other weekend?
Take heart ; we find you hard to believe too.
Alas I must post a disclaimer……..before I pass out I usually throw up first. That isn’t a problem is it? I kid you….lol with me.
Seeing as I haven`t actually seen this in print:

We ARE talking about getting our rocks off 20-30 times a day; NOT how many times we get up during the night to use the restroom, right?
Ice on stand by for c*ckburn I would think
Me too… I don’t think you can make this face 20-30 times a night…
Oh **** me.
Turtle porn!

Now I really have seen it all.
Whatever . You are an asshole too. Suck it pissant.
Whatever . To be as ugly and pathetic as you. I bet the skank you **** 20 -30 times on weekends is such a fugly, lowlife fat-assed piece of shit. But that is what someone with your wit, intelligence, class and manners can get.

At least I was married. I doubt a woman last more than a few months until she gets tired of your pathetic mundane bullshit life.
LOL.. No problemo. .

However, I’m a one woman guy and I wouldn’t want ‘s wrath brought down upon me.
LMFAO. You Valley Girl LOSER!!!
Not me, silly. Her. And had it right. This is not a result of errrr….ummm… intercourse. I’m a muncher. 🙂

bathroom is about 4-5 a nite.
Danny thank you for this thread.

I DID ask.

Good man .

Of course I should have deduced all that.
Incontinence, my dear Watson, is nothing to boast about.
Who’s boasting about anything. Just answering a question. And since Boney called me on the other subject, I felt that I had no choice but to explain. Believe me, I’d rather be watching South Park. :-0

End of page 7.
Page 8 begins hear:

Please accept my apologies, Mr . But I was called on this and questioned. I am a very open honest person who feels that very little needs to be concealed about one’s life. I mean, we all have sex, don’t we?
Who said ****? :-0

I wouldn’t go there . I’ve seen your girlfriend and I have refrained from comment until now. But I wouldn’t go bragging if I were you.

You know NOTHING about me or my life. All I know about you is from what you post here and from that I’ve concluded that you have serious mental issues.
Whatever . I’m sure your gal is a looker since you can munch a carpet all night long. OK. And I’m sure you’ve seen my gal, uh huh, yeah sure.

As if anyone woman with a right mind and a pretty face would go for a butt ugly retard as yourself.

Carpet muncher or not.
is absolutely right – you are a poor excuse for a human being and a nasty, spiteful man-child to boot. And what’s more…

Whatever idiot. Isn’t time for you to go to Amsterdam so your pathetic ugly ass can finally get laid?
Take your crap, rote insults and shove them up your arse. Or ‘s. Whichever you think best.
Not a problem at all . I am pretty open and honest in my life as well.

I just think posting such information on an open, anonymous internet website is a bad idea. A PM would be a more discreet solution.
I think that seeing as how we’re all open and adult here, someone should post some pictures of their ‘s tits. Or their own if female. Unless you’re , in which case, don’t bother.
Go ahead…
Damn.. I had one in an e-mail but it got wiped out when I had my PC redid.
Tits. Nice ones in a nice shot. Too bad.

Lotta self-awareness going on, eh? :-0
DANNYMAC WROTE: What a roller coaster ride this turned out to be.

and what a ******’ fun ride at that!!

I want to thank each and every one of you for participating – It wouldn’t have been the rollicking good time without out you.

I understand though, that some of you may not feel the same way about the thread, and the things that were typed.
If it was anything that I typed that has caused you any discomfort – I am truly sorry for that. It was not my intent for you to misunderstand me.
I can’t apologize for what others may have said; I will accept the responsibility for starting this thread though.

For those who may believe that I was irresponsible for starting this thread…
if this belief pleases you, please keep believeing it.

As a matter of fact, if any belief pleases you any of you – please, keep believeing it (as long as it doesn’t include lieing, cheating, or stealing).
And, to further this desire of mine, I submit the following posts.
Please pick the one (or several) that pleases you the most…
Sorry I haven’t shown my face lately. As I said, “I’ve got a life”.
Anyway, tapped me on the shoulder and said that we were the only adults left at the bar. He was wondering if we could take this discussion elsewhere.
I had already told him that I prefer keeping this at the bar. But he did bring it to my attention that too many under-age kids had stepped up to the bar, and by their behaviour, it is evident they’ve had one too many.
So, I assured him that I’d be glad to take the discussion elsewhere, but since I haven’t kept up as of late, I wouldn’t want to offend any of the adults who still want to talk about this stuff.
So, for any of the adults, By all means, drop either one of us a line, and we’ll make some sort of arrangements to keep the talk going.
, I hope nobody has sent you any PM’s crying about somebody else’s behaviour in this thread.
If they have, I ask that you do not ban them at this time. The threads subject matter can sometime cause outbursts that people later regret.
I assure you, I regret nothing I have typed in this thread; but I believe (dare I say, hope) there may be others.
As the originator of the thread (in my defense, I didn’t bring the subject up initially), I will accept any and all responsibility. If there is any banning to be done, I only ask you do it to me.

Because of the passions this thread has aroused (and the passions it may yet arouse), I leave it up to you to decide on whether that’s a good or bad thing…
and whether or not it should be deleted in its entirety.
This is probably going to be the toughest one – and we both know why, but here goes…

I hope that my Christian friends will believe me when I say that I am very sorry if I have offended or confused you in any way shape or form. As I’ve said, it wasn’t my intent.
To that end…
Let me assure you that I understand, that
I may be condemned to the fire & brimstone of Hell. I’m willing to take my chances – I hope you understand that it is within my ‘free will’ to make that choice.
You may be concerned about the children though, and will they be condemned to the same afterlife? It is too early to tell, but I believe I’ve given them a decent footing. Even though I’ve been an agnostic since before I got married…
My daughters attended Catholic schools for at least 6 years; they’ve received their sacraments; one is still an active member; the other has left her catholicism, but not her ‘spritual side’, and I believe still considers herself Christian; & while they have both been blessed with different abilities, and desires – they both have a respectible understanding of what it is to be responsible – and that is really all I asked for.

Additionally, up until about 3 years ago – I was the one taking everybody to mass (yes, I attended them also), including my mother-in-law, who lived with us during the last 8 years of her life.
I hope this at least gives you some comfort.

If what I’ve typed has confused you in anyway – please, forget you even read it. I’d also like to offer you this prayer…
for those who
attend our summer party: I hope nothing I’ve typed here will keep you from joining us once again. If you want to discuss anything I’ve typed here, I’ll be glad too – it’ll have to wait until the party is over though, you see what this subject has done to the bar – and I’m not gonna’ allow it at my party!!
To that anonymous lurker (you know who you are) – I hope we’re still on for that cheese fondue celibration of my recent French citizenship!!

I gotta’ tell you though, if you want to discuss any of what’s gone on here, I’d be way so happy too – but the wife would just as well you not get me started!!
Okay, sorry if I’ve missed an audience.
If anybody feels they need some personal lovin’, drop me a PM and I’ll see what I can come up with.
Otherwise, pony up to the bar everybody – the last drinks on me!!!

Oh yeah, and has graciously granted me a little breather before we take up the discussion once again…
Yo! Mucky! the adults are done here, and as promised…
I’m ready to come out and play.

What’ll it be?

Do you still want to be my trained seal, or should we try a different game this time?

As with all things, and you are not exempt in this…

The decision is yours alone.
“Wisdom/Doubting Thomas”
Yes we are . . . the Gruyere and the Emmentaler are ready . . . the champagne is chilled . . . and my S.O. is anticipating an evening sans channels excreta! We are awaiting your arrival Monsignor!

What the **** are you ******* dribbling about, you drug-addled simpleton?
DANNYMAC WROTE: I’m tryin’ to close this mother down!
But, I’m always willing to help the little children.

What is it you do not comprehend, mucky? I’d be pleased to explain.
Danny the only interesting thing about this thread is all the shit slinging surrounding the original topic. Watching you guys trying to find your inner selves is laughable.
MuckyMucks, how about you go first! Then I may be tempted!
DANNYMAC WROTE: Only because it serves as a teachable moment…
I’m happy that you’ve found something interesting.
I will be happier still if we’ve brought even a little joy to your day.
I consider that to be selfish and rude, danny. Stop using the little children for sympathy! 😉
Thanks for everything danny.
We`ll be here for you too.
I hope everyone here and more show up to smoke a peace pipe.

End of page 8. Do you think it is too late?
Beginning of Page 9. There just may be a little more time.

You sure as hell put a bigger smile on me today…

which is not to say, I ever have a bad day.

Thank you for making me laugh !!!

Maybe we should see if mucky wants to join us for a group hug?
My only worry is that these edgey, controversial scrawlings may become a benchmark of sorts for certain future theologians, philosophers, politicians and others inclined to ruminate ad infinitum.
Here’s a picture of my bird’s tits. She says she doesn’t have much to show, but you decide.
Bet she tastes good too 😉

lmao loved it, , hope I see you again in April. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.
DANNYMAC WROTE: Please don’t worry your little head, & I are taking it elsewhere.

But if I return to that mode – I sincerely hope that you, , will slap me upside the head (make it obvious though, sometimes I can be a dense ****).
“Wisdom/Doubting Thomas”,
quotes Wu Li:
Before enlightenment,
Chop Wood and Carry Water.
After enlightenment,
Chop Wood and Carry Water.
DANNYMAC WROTE: , I think you’ve got it!

Do you want to take it to the next level though?
You probably know this already but…

You’ve gotta’ be choppin’ that wood, & carryin’ that water in the 1st place,
before you realize the joy it’s been giving you all this time.

(I can’t wait to see how decides to type this here, but I’m patient)
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Life is a sandwich. Eat it.
DANNYMAC WROTE: Do you get it too ?

I could be wrong though, may be baiting me for the “men in white jackets” come Sunday;

But I strongly doubt it.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: You`re talking about the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, right?
DANNYMAC WROTE: You’re not quite there yet .
Should I tell the wife that you’ve invited a few other friends over?

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Then, until I arrive, you can find me right here.
Weekdays mostly.
Goofing off and such.
“Wisdom/Doubting Thomas”: The operative word is “other” . . . yes . . . and the other operative word is “friend” which means you have met him even if you have never met him!

If anyone thinks that the one’s insight exceeds the other’s, he has no eyes.

The light of the eyes is as a comet,
And Zen’s activity is as lightning.
The sword that kills the man
Is the sword that saves the man.
DANNYMAC WROTE: I sure hope I can “catch my breath” before the movie tonight!
, may I ask one question teacher,
are you doing this for my benefit or ‘s?
Wait, let me answer that one…

for both, and everybody…
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: I’d rather kick ass than smoke anything
Come to think of it , I’d rather kick ass than anything.
“Wisdom/Doubting Thomas”: When prison stocks are iron and have no place for the head, the prisoner is doubly in trouble.

When there is no place for Zen in the head of our generation, it is in grievous trouble.

If you try to hold up the gate and door of a falling house,
You also will be in trouble.

I still want to know the movie.
Zen is bullshit.
“Wisdom/Doubting Thomas”: Prajñā is bullshit??? It is the power of my SigSauer 226 that is limited!
I still think that you’re confusing seizure activity with ‘orjism’..
i used to have a bird who would fanny fart every time she went off. that got old ******* fast, i can tell you.
She was just showing her emotion there. I hope she cried soon after.

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Can you imagine enduring that 20-30 times in one session…? I’m just sayin’…bound to be crying afterwards…heh
DANNYMAC WROTE: You really do get it!

I believe will be joining us shortly.
“The Seeker”
: This could be construed, as being correct, when considering the multitude of nutrients feeding the soil and plants nearby. Harmony abounds for everything. Let alone the miracle of ensuing mushrooms…=)
The quickest way to nonself and emptiness is a roundhouse from to you temple.

End of page 9, do you have much more time?
Start of page 10, these words are for all men!

DANNYMAC WROTE: (and anybody else within ‘earshot’), If that was all there was to worry about, I probably would have spoken up sooner.

Mind you, I’m not worried about myself…

I’m just saying…
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Just trying to help
DANNYMAC WROTE: Thank you, …

but you didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.
“The Soldier”: Now, Now be nice.
Excellent. Does this technique work with deer ?
Next time I’m at a petting zoo, I’ll let you know.
I broke things off with Megan Fox for the same thing…
DANNYMAC WROTE: Because you voluntarily divulged your identity, I hope that it is not presumptuous of me to give you this public thank you for a truly wonderful evening.

I would like to make one observation though, I say this based on some assumptions, something you told me last evening, and my conclusion as to what happened. I could not say this in this way, until after our truly enjoyable evening.

You must decide if I am correct:

I do believe that you all have been watching too much Star Trek!!!

You have been preconditioned to believe that a logical being has no emotion;

When the truth is, you must be passionate about your logic.

Your preconditioning keeps you from seeing the joy that this logical passion or passionate logic (they are but a reflection of the same) produces in an individual.

I understand this, once you understand, we are no longer individuals.

Now go back and take that test.

(btw, you’ll have to ask the wife how our lovemaking went – but, trust me when I tell you, I really can be “in two places at once, when I’m not anywhere at all”)
Oh yeah, and it’s back to choppin’ that wood, & carryin’ that water the same old way I’ve been doing it all along;

Get back with me if & when you’re ready to work together in a new way to chop all that wood, & carry all that water.

Otherwise, we hope to see you at the party this summer (maybe mokum in the spring?).

As always though, the choice is yours to make.

I hope this post has at least caused a smile in you, for that is all I’ve ever asked for.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: dannymac, have you taken an actual course that makes you feel cooler than everyone else; or is this just a sudden realisation you`ve had?

You seem to have become a bit uber-self-aware.
DANNYMAC WROTE: I’ll consider that the slap upside the head I’ve already asked you to give me.
And ONLY because YOU asked the question –

No I didn’t take any ******’ course!!!

DO YOU think I need one?

I did not know I needed a course to write ‘incomprehensible bollocks’.

Do YOU know of a course I should take?

If YOU know of a course, then maybe YOU should take it – and then you may begin to understand my ‘incomprehensible bollocks’.

Get back to me when you’re up to speed(on a personal sidenote, – I really don’t think there is much else you need to learn. there are others not quite as far along as you though).
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Try “The Bolsy S. Squidly Guide to Incomprehensible Bullocks”. Danny I hope your ascension becomes complete. Ohhmmmm
OK OK I made it all up. 🙂
I’m really starting to hate you
Can I kick you in your Buddhist temple?
There seems to be a very fine line between self aware and self absorbed.
Fine line?
I believe it to be a gigantic chasm, bigger than the Grand Canyon.
DANNYMAC WROTE: As far as I’m concerned you all can blame the muckster for this shit!!!!

I merely was trying to find out what the **** he meant when he said he was “self-aware”.

You people are so damned confused, you’d think I was talking about ‘holes in the whole’.

oh wait, I was.

sorry for the confusion.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Danny I felt bad all day about my smartass posts plural. Sorry.
Your friend,
I can only speak for myself.

Just for the record, I am one of the few members who try not to judge other members or their posts, unless those posts are disrespectful, like some of ‘s dismissive rants.
Your (this) post was not disrespectful or even out of line. As such, I believe that you owe no one here any apologies for this thread or should not attempt to defend yourself.
I feel that you are a valued member of the Channels family and hope that you keep on continuing to make your valuable posts.
Don’t feel badly, as it is easy to take out your (anyone’s) frustrations here where it is easy to. I think you are a good person and meant no harm.
I think that the entire thread sucks.

The highlight for me, was ‘s confession of continuing to perform oral sex on a woman who was clearly having a seizure.

Bless you all….
Know what you mean this thread reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine that had epilepsy. I waited until he took a bath and had a siezure then I’d throw my dirty laundry in with him and get it washed.
Applaud you both for your wit!
DANNYMAC WROTE: thanx for the kind words.
I assure you though, my Reason is defense enough against the confusion that the unreasoning mind perceives of perfection.

Reason has a desire to help everybody see through the blinders of preconceived ideas. But Reason had been misinformed this night. Because of this, Reason made the mistake in believing that Wisdom, the Seeker, and Curiosity wanted some truthful knowledge on how to become Reasoning beings themselves.

Reason had hoped that if Wisdom could understand, Wisdom would then impart this knowledge to the Teacher. Together, Wisdom & the Teacher would then spread this knowledge. That didn’t happen.

Reason tried explaining to the Seeker that he must find his own way;
But the Seeker wanted somebody else to do it for him;

Because Reason offers his knowledge to all, he didn’t think there’d be a problem having Curiosity in the room, but Curiosity wasn’t as ready for the message as he thought. This is probably why he departed quickly with Devotion by his side.

Reason could see the discussion wasn’t going anywhere, so he left the same way he came in – with Love by his side.

Reason, being the youngest in the room, had work the next day anyway.

Even after all this though, Reason still offers his knowledge to all.

Why does Reason do this? Because Reason knows the joy that awaits anyone who lives a reasoned life – and all Reason wants to do is share this joy with everyone together.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: I bet you’re fantastic fun at parties.
You never cease to amuse me. Great punch line.
Have you ever considered being a joke writer ?

End of Page 10,
but in Reality, will the TRUTH ever end?
Start of page 11,
do you think you are ready for HEAVEN?

DANNYMAC WROTE: I try to be – even if the party is organized for a little Reasoning. It only seems reasonable to me that we should all attempt to have a good time.

But friend (may I call you that?), where are all the usual flourishes I’ve been conditioned to enjoy? They do so bring a smile to me.

After a wonderful nights sleep, it also appears reasonable to this being – that Wisdom really did know what he was doing that night.

And I thank him for this.

Sorry for the run on thoughts there muck’,

What I meant to say is…

That is not a question for me muck;
It is a question for my Friends.

I may be a know-it-all – but I really did learn something that glorious day!
And while that moment may have been cathartic for others (as moments sometimes are),
My hope is that they have learned something too…

Last edited by dannymac on Tue Jan 19, 9:51 am; edited 1 time in total
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: It just fucking hit me.  Last Hamlet.
DANNYMAC WROTE: No , it has not hit you yet. But as I’ve already said, you’re close.
Doubt thou the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
DANNYMAC WROTE: Remember this ,

There was something invisible in that room, that night…

It may have been a Freudian slip, it may have been by design, but Reason mentioned this invisible something when talking to the Teacher.

It is what binds Reason to Love; Wisdom to the Teacher; and Devotion to Curiosity; it is what the Seeker needs before he finds…

it is Faith.

It is only when all in the room see Faith,
that all in the room will see the same thing.

I believe I am done now.
Is this still “incomprehensible bollocks”?

(thanx mucky)
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE:You`re a good man Danny.

Keep the faith.
DANNYMAC WROTE: Deep down we’re all good men,
Oh you mean deep down after the waterboarding and Chinese water torture.
Dannymac never used to be like this, did he?
Do you mean sort of Last Hamletish?
Well, yes. I’m worried about him.
It’s probably some libbyterian plot to make us think about ourselves and the world in which we inhabit. I’m not buying it.
A drug-addled conspiracy, eh? Sounds like a job for Mucky…
Well, this thread made me self aware that I am about as deep as that plate that shifted under Haiti.
I have a self aware question:

How does one become ‘aware’ that their ‘self’ is an asshole?
DANNYMAC WROTE: dannymac has always been like this – you just didn’t ******’ notice it. Look back. If you don’t see it, I’ll try to explain. but as we all know – I can get pretty ******’ long winded.
You haven’t made yourself clear shithead! Who exactly is it you are worried about? Me or Last Hamlet?

If it’s me, you need not worry;
If it’s last Hamlet, you are to be commended. What are you going to do about it now?
While, I never asked you to buy anything , have I? Quite the contrary if you think about it?

I’ve just reasoned through the situation and being a libertarian is the only logical approach to the facts. And there’s nothing you can do about either (me being a libertarian, and the facts).
Reason has been aware that he appears to be an asshole for quite some time. So that appears to be rather easy.

Love knows this about Reason, but overlooks it,
Love sometimes behaves like an asshole, but Reason understands it is but a passing moment,
because of faith, Love & Reason can overcome this misperception, and realize that neither is an asshole.

(I do have more to say of this, but have been distracted by the activities of life, but if somebody asks nicely I’ll finish my thoughts)
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: That is an old joke
A kick to the solar plexus would solve that.
If you’re looking to play the sympathy card by trying to make it look like you’ve gone ******* mental, you can **** right off.
For ****’s sake, don’t any ******ask him nicely.
Older than the ******* hills. , you need to get out more.
DANNYMAC WROTE: Thank you for once again becoming the mucky that I have grown to love.

Here is what I have discovered, when I asked all of you about being ‘self-aware’.

As mentioned, being self aware is the easy part – the muckster & I prove that. We also prove that being self aware does not keep one from being a jerk. Of this I hope you understand.

One can easily find the contentment that my self-awareness has always given me…

To do that live a Reasoned life;

Contentment is fine, but if you really want to be happy…

Reason and Love must have Faith in each other;

The answer to a better world though is what we all want…

And to get there, we must all have Faith in each other;

This is the hardest part. But, if you would only seek to understand this…

you will at least begin to see the beauty all around you,

With Faith, Reason & Love can overcome all!!

I would like to thank all of you for helping me to understand this.
any questions?
I believe I have received that kick.

Have you ?
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Okay, I get it now…you’ve just bought a Volcano!

Can you explain it all again please?

This is the end of page 11,
What do you think it will take,
to turn His earth into a HEAVEN?
And now we start on page 12,
Do you think your world is a living HELL?

DANNYMAC WROTE: No. I believe that is about as short as I can make it.
Please ask a question about that which you do not understand, and I will attempt to explain it another way.

Hey everybody – simmer down. 
asked me the question. I am merely being considerate in trying to answer him.
Before I answer him though, I must understand what he was trying to ask.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Uhh, what was the subject about again?
DANNYMAC WROTE: , where were you when we needed you!! I should have insisted that the Volcano get put to use.

It just might have helped us understand each other better that afternoon. The question one must answer for themselves though…

Was it Fate or Design, that caused us all to get together that night?

I am undecided.

Of course, you all know I cop out on the difficult questions. That is why I’m an agnostic.

I’m full of answers for any other questions though.
I will try very hard to be nice when I answer;
Please try and be nice with your questions, only as a consideration to others…
because I don’t give a shit how you ask, only that you know what you are asking.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: in the spirit of i ask:

Are you through yet?
Dannymac, it was just a bit of ironía

(although to be honest, my English is really too poor to try and understand all this thick incomprehensible bollocks)
DANNYMAC WROTE: I’m truly sorry that you forgot .
I would suggest you reread the thread in its entirety.

But because I know it may confuse you, and my intent was never to confuse anyone,

I ask only that you read what I’ve posted today, and any other posts that may tickle your fancy.
Again with the questions!!

I’ll be done when nobody asks anymore questions.

Do you not discern a pattern here?
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: That is an old joke but actually I have thought of being a joke writer. I think I could do it.
DANNYMAC WROTE: <qestion mark, this means he asked a question and I get to answer it!!

Woody, I have always been exactly the same.

Dano knows this, he reminded me just a few weeks ago that “I’m always singing the same tune”. At the time, I agreed with him. I’d like to thank him just the same.

It was wife who taught me that I should sing in a different key, if I want to be better understood.
And I thank her for that.

You all should try it some time.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: I have a close firend with whom I went to school. He is two years older than me.

At school, we were all weed smokers, and he was the lead-weed smoker. He is from a Punjabi family, and like all good Punjabi families in the 1990s, they were into trading textiles and garments. As a seventeen year old, he was in charge of their market trading operations. Fucking cash coming out of his ears. It was he who got us the best weed (nice green Thai shit in those days with some seeds and everything – nice stuff – made you giggle and get red eyes. It was a world away from this fucking genetically modified stupidly strong stuff we get nowadays). He always had the best clothes. At weekends, he got the best pills. He was the most switched on by far – a businessman before his eighteenth birthday, rolling in the financial freedom of hundreds of cash-in-hand pounds every week when the rest of us were struggling with a few quid from part time jobs assisted by some blind luck at three card brag.Then I went to university, we drifted apart for a few years. During that time, he discovered cocaine, drinking and adopted the classic coke-head 72 hour day cycle. He stopped smoking weed. He became a fucking mess. Paranoia kicked in. If he came round to visit, all he’d do was sit by the window peeping through the curtains, convinced he was being followed – by whom I could never fucking work out. Before I knew it, he’d disappear for months over a hundred quid or so he’d borrowed. It was rather sad.

Fast forward five or six years, and he’s calmed down a bit. Still a coke-head, but nowhere near the previous scale of things. His parents (he’s Punjabi and therefore will probably never move out of home) had almost given up on him after four or five dawn raids by the police on their home due to his dodgy acquaintances. His communication abilities had descended to a series of twitches and incoherent statements that consisted mainly of the words ‘fucking’ and ‘thingy’. There was only one thing for it: this cunt was getting married.

So they packed him off to India to find a wife. The prize of a UK passport for the successful lady meant he could punch significantly above his weight, and he returned with a fairly beautiful Indian bride. Fresh off the fucking boat, like. She couldn’t speak a word of English and his Punjabi was fucking shocking.

Two years of marriage ensued as she settled into British life – eventually becoming conversant in English. Another year passed and gradually she became fluent. What seemed to drive her on was the thought that eventually she would be able to understand her husband.

Then the terrible realisation set in that she still didn’t understand him. She couldn’t do so because he made no sense.

I would implore you not to make the same mistake.

There ought to be a congestion charge for entering this thread.
A bit like fanny?
Will someone please page Last Hamlet?
Not from me you haven’t.
Yep the difference between me and you is, I can take it, and you would fold up like a lawn chair.

Now shut the **** up, you drug addled simpleton.
Someone should smack that bitch.
DANNYMAC WROTE: But you did help, and I thank you for that.
Are you sure of this?
This drug addled simpleton will shut the **** up when nobody wants to engage him in conversation.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Me and Mucky get along fine.
DANNYMAC WROTE: AIt certainly couldn’t hurt. Let’s all put our hearts into it, and ask Him to get well now – we could certainly use a few more like him in this world.

What do you have to say about that?
Great story about your friend muck.
I would also implore everybody not to make that same mistake.

I’ve managed to stay married for over 25 years. I can assure you that my wife has not always understood me, and that I have not always been understandable – but, with faith in each other, we’ve managed to persevere, and be happy for all this time.
And I do believe, that if we just keep on doin’ what we’ve always done – it’ll just keep on getting better!

How’s it with you and your loved ones mucky?

Would it be too much to ask all of us to believe, that when HE, or any of US, leaves this world, that we all have these last words in our consciousness…

Finally, I see what it means to be self aware, I see what it means to be aware, and while both are beautiful…
The most beautiful sight of all is to see them both simultaneously!

But better still…

Let us all have Faith that somewhere in the depths of our consciousness are these thoughts,
and that we all re-learn the meaning of these thoughts together…
before many more of us die…

When one being sees a perfect reflection of itself in any other being…

You become self aware;

When one being sees a perfect reflection of itself in all creation…

You become aware;

If you are both self aware, and aware…

those *perfect reflections get brighter;

But, when all beings see a *perfect reflection of each other, and all of creation at the same time…

That *perfect reflection will turn into an everlasting Flame!

is it too sentimental to believe that we would all give these words to each other…

With an Everlasting Love,
And Forever Always,

Is that to much for us all to hope for?

Can’t we all help each other to understand these words?

Hey mucky, what is your honest opinion…
is this still “incomprehensible bollocks”?

but better still…
shouldn’t we all give ourselves an honest opinion for once in our lives?

edit: added ‘*perfect’

Last edited by dannymac on Wed Jan 20, 3:51 am; edited 1 time in total
i am sorry my friend,
i was mistaken…

the test is for us all…

what does it mean when we all say…

I was, but now, we are?

let us hope that we learn the meaning together,

with an Everlasting Love,
and Forever Always,
another way for us all to understand this, is to remember…

…this must all come to pass, before there can be a…

…Heaven on Earth!

If we can’t all agree on these things, let us hope that we can all just get along,

with an Everlasting Love,
and Forever Always,
Who’d a’ thunk all that “incomprehensible bollocks” could come from the mind of a “drug addled simpleton”?

But remember, it was all of you at channels that helped me to be able to write this down,

and for that,

we should thank each other, from the bottom of our hearts,

With an Everlasting Love,
and Forever Always,

(sorry for repeating myself . I hope you won’t hit me for it, but if that is what you must do, believe me when I tell you, I am ready…
are you?)
we may all be wondering what has caused all this “incomprehensible bollocks” to be typed, when a “drug addled simpleton” opens a thread on “self-aware”…

It could be Fate,
or it could be by Design…

Truthfully though…

should it matter to any of us,

if we really have,

an Everlasting Love,
for Now,
and Forever Always?

If you can’t believe that this could be True,
Please just let the rest of us try…

With our Everlasting Love,
and Forever Always,
That’s a great start!
I’ve always enjoyed mucky’s posts. I believe I mentioned this soon after he arrived at channels.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Blimey, so you were always this fucked-up?

Look poppet, I think you need a nice lie-down in a darkened room with a damp flannel over your forehead.
I will after the wife gets home from work. I want her to read my handywork…
after all, none of this would have been possible without her Love, and…

It would brake my heart if she didn’t get to read any of this before I die.

Not that I plan on dieing anytime soon mind you.
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: One word: meltdown.

End of Page 12,
Now, lucky 13:
DANNYMAC WROTE: mucky, would that be your meltdown you are talking about?

I had a busy day at work today;
and it looks like it will be a busy day tomorrow.

How’s your day going mucky?

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: I bet she smacks you and calls you a homo
Two Words: Big meltdown
OK  I said that I made it all up. 🙂
Hows your day going Danny?
DANNYMAC WROTE: I doubt that very much…

she loves me dearly…

does your wife love you dearly?
who is it do you think is having the big meltdown everybody?

Dano, or mucky?

let us hope nobody has a meltdown by reading the words typed in this thread…

is this a hope we can all agree on?

nothing is guaranteed in this life…

but let all of us hope, that everyone of us understands what was typed in this thread…
look at all that has been typed in its entirety…
is there not something you recognize as yourself?

while everything typed in this thread was ‘all made up’…

it has actually happened, we all made it happen, and we can help make it continue…
but we all must have the faith to believe…

that whether by fate, or by design…

we created this mess, therefore, it is up to us, alone, to find a way to straighten things up…

i’m just a jack-of-all–trades, looking for some masters to lend a hand…

can we not lend each other a hand?

if we all dig down deep, we will all discover that…

it is indeed funny, when we read that somebody has admitted to having oral sex with a woman having a seizure…

it is not funny, to imagine it actually “going down”.

which leads us to another question…

why do you continue conversing with the typist, that you believe is having a meltdown…
when it should be obvious to all, that we should be conversing with with everyone?

more questions??
let’s all figure out the answers, together…
thank you for asking,

it is going great, but then i’ve always said this when asked…
because it is going great…
how is everybody’s day going today?

and if it has been going well, then let someone else know…
if it is not going well, just ask, somebody is sure to lend a hand…

don’t forget to ask how they are doing too…
let’s hope that we all lend a hand, when told things are not going well…
the “call & response” has started…

is that really a bad thing?…

sorry to all of a sudden be asking so many questions…
but aren’t these questions we should all be asking ourselves?
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: How do I remove a corn? And what is the difference between a corn and a bunion?
Aren’t bunions just below your big toe? And corns are little toe?
DANNYMAC WROTE: call, response,
questions, answers,
trolling, flaming,

aren’t they all just really the same thing?
it just takes a little understanding,
and typing down the right words,
to begin communicating with each other in an agreeable way…

(see how easy it is…
…surely if this were to continue, a reflection would be seen)

at this moment though, what we all want to know is…

can anybody help remove a corn?
if any of this is putting a smile on anybody’s face…

it’s is because you’ve been following the coversation…

if you are laughing right now,

you’ve been folllowing ALL the conversation,

if it is still “incomprehensible bollocks” to you…

then you may never understand the conversation.

and we are all sorry for that,

but we still have more to talk about,

when the conversation is transparent….

the reality is a burning flame!!!
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Welcome back Bolsey!
DANNYMAC WROTE: and some people will never listen…

but isn’t that their own fault?
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Besides the overwrought tinge of posting several self-indulgence posts within minutes, when someone begins to refer to themselves in the third person or the royal ‘we’, I lose all interest.
DANNYMAC WROTE: try this then…

forget everything you have heard in your entire life, up to this very moment.

Please do this for yourself. now that you are in that quiet still moment…

tell yourself, or ask yourself, if this at least doesn’t still ring a bell…

how’s it going?

now who is talking to whom?

are we all sure that we’ve got the grammar & spelling correct?

mistakes can be made,
apologies can be given,
let’s just move ahead and figure out what has actually been said.

Last edited by dannymac on Wed Jan 20, 11:09 am; edited 1 time in total
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: I just talked to  and  and ………..
DANNYMAC WROTE: isn’t that a good thing?
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Oh, I get it. There was some sort of meme buried in these thousands of words of boring shit, and if ‘we’ haven’t noticed it, ‘we’re’ not as clever as you?I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t care. I repeat my initial observation – it was all tl;dr and whilst I cannot speak for anyone else, I have personally read less than 5% of it.

In the meantime, I suggest you under no circumstances whatsoever show any of this embarrassing nonsense to your wife.

danny, you are james plato and i claim my five ******* pounds.

both mucky & i dislike twitter, so i assure you this isn’t going out on twitter (nobody would understand anyway)…

but i’ve gotta take the dog out for a walk,

and even if we were all to put our minds together…

the dog still needs to go out for a walk…

*Please*, talk among yourselves while we are out…

edit: *sometimes we all forget to be polite…

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: You misspelled ‘a twat’.
any bunion advice?
my ****** head is spinning…
wide fitting, low heeled shoes.
quite right.

danny, you’re a twat. can i have my fiver now?
I’m not confused Danny. This thread has made little sense since its inception.
I’ve got bunions. I just recently got a pair fo orthotics for my shoes. if they don’t help, then an operation wil be necessary.

Does that help?

This is a statement that could only be made by someone who believes God is a Man;
This is a statement that could have been made by someone who has personalized his God;
This is a statement that a Buddhist should not even understand.

Actually, the Rabbi has gotten it all wrong. The concept of “God” seems to be dead within Western Society as a whole, not just at the Supreme Court.
Because this word means very little within our society,
it has become very easy to exploit by those wanting something.
Because this word means very little within our society,
it has become very easy for others to forget when they are trying to get whatever it is that they want.

The Rabbi hopes that “religious background and/or affiliation of Supreme Court Justices ought to be completely irrelevant…The very notion that one’s religious background predisposes them to be more or less just, to manipulate the law on the behalf of one group or another, is actually offensive.”
The Rabbi thinks that in this case it may be otherwise. Actually, this case is just like every other case.  All individuals bring their religious upbringing into their thinking process. It is unavoidable. This i know to be the absolute Truth.

Within this blog, and my other blog, i have been investigating Truth. During this investigation, i have actually discovered God. God is the Universal Truth.  But Christians believe God was a man, and Jews have personified God in Yahweh.

I have also discovered that a persons religious upbringing can cause them to answer a basic question in a unique manner.  Ask an atheist or a nominal Christian the following:

  • Would a Just God treat different people equally?
  • Should a Father treat his children as equally as possible?

I have discovered that they will say a Just God should treat people equally,
and a father should treat his children equally…

But, if you believe a god will tell you to kill one of your children, then your answers are different.

I don’t believe God tells anybody anything. God is everything and God does not need to talk to us. All we need do is open our eyes, and open our ears. When you do this, you will understand that God is all, and all is One.

As you can see though, many people believe a just God can be unjust, and a good Father can treat his children unequally. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand that many people, including Supreme Court Justices, base their opinions on questionable moral grounds.

But it is not only the concept of God that has been torn to shreds in Western Society. Freedom and Truth are also meaningless in this day and age. Some people believe freedom is doing whatever you want to do, and other people believe that they should be free of any worries in this life. The Truth is neither.

For a person to be Truly Free, that person must take responsibility over all that they do;
And to be Free from worry, a person must take responsibility for all that they think.
This is a Universal Truth.
If you cannot do either on your own,
You need only look to God for assistance.

If you interfere with another persons freedom, then that is when our justice system kicks in. That is when you want a fair minded individual sitting at the bench.
Because none of us knows what is in another persons mind, we should never concern ourselves with this when administering  justice.
Therefore, a fair minded jurist should only look to the actual actions that led up to a crime when determining guilt. A fair minded jurist cares not what religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic background of anybody before the court. This includes the accused, the accuser, any and all witnesses, and all officers of the court.
Furthermore, A fair minded legal system does not pass laws favoring one group over another either.

Do our jurists fit this model?
Does our justice system fit this model?

And who’s fault is it anyway?

Can we agree on a definition of Truth?
I have no problem with any definition of Truth, but it must really be an inclusive Truth. Not somebody elses Truth that we must conform to.

If you but take the time to understand, then you will know that when Truth is found, it must accomodate all other Truth, or somebody is wrong.
I believe nobody is wrong, we just don’t understand each other. I understand this, do you?

We are born, and we will die;
That something in the middle we call is life;
All God’s creatures live by instinct alone;
But mankind alone has the capacity to think.

Thinking is the most efficient way to happiness,
If you can’t think your way to a better tomorrow,
Then maybe you should try a new way of thinking…

I only want to help us all to think a little better,
so we may see the beauty in the diversity.
For if we all think exactly the same,
our differences may very well disappear,
but our world would be a boring place to live.
Who wants to be bored for the rest of their lives?

Whether you want to think inside the box,
or outside the box,
i am but your servant, helping you to open the box.

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  • reputation management: Hi there, always i used to check webpage posts here in the early hours in the daylight, because i like to gain knowledge of more and more.
  • Daniel 'Iesa' McFarling: Amsterfan, you silly man, I wasn't working as a janitor. What I did was work in the drug trade, helping to make sure the druggies got their goods. I
  • passionatereason: Ameen, Baraka Allahu fika

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