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Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.
If you knew what I’ve been up to, then you would have been following along.
The reason I say this, is because I’ve been posting my thoughts & ringing a gong…

all over virtual reality.

Besides the, let me give you a run down of my online presence:

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In reality, I’m virtually everywhere;
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Believe it, or not!

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This is a statement that could only be made by someone who believes God is a Man;
This is a statement that could have been made by someone who has personalized his God;
This is a statement that a Buddhist should not even understand.

Actually, the Rabbi has gotten it all wrong. The concept of “God” seems to be dead within Western Society as a whole, not just at the Supreme Court.
Because this word means very little within our society,
it has become very easy to exploit by those wanting something.
Because this word means very little within our society,
it has become very easy for others to forget when they are trying to get whatever it is that they want.

The Rabbi hopes that “religious background and/or affiliation of Supreme Court Justices ought to be completely irrelevant…The very notion that one’s religious background predisposes them to be more or less just, to manipulate the law on the behalf of one group or another, is actually offensive.”
The Rabbi thinks that in this case it may be otherwise. Actually, this case is just like every other case.  All individuals bring their religious upbringing into their thinking process. It is unavoidable. This i know to be the absolute Truth.

Within this blog, and my other blog, i have been investigating Truth. During this investigation, i have actually discovered God. God is the Universal Truth.  But Christians believe God was a man, and Jews have personified God in Yahweh.

I have also discovered that a persons religious upbringing can cause them to answer a basic question in a unique manner.  Ask an atheist or a nominal Christian the following:

  • Would a Just God treat different people equally?
  • Should a Father treat his children as equally as possible?

I have discovered that they will say a Just God should treat people equally,
and a father should treat his children equally…

But, if you believe a god will tell you to kill one of your children, then your answers are different.

I don’t believe God tells anybody anything. God is everything and God does not need to talk to us. All we need do is open our eyes, and open our ears. When you do this, you will understand that God is all, and all is One.

As you can see though, many people believe a just God can be unjust, and a good Father can treat his children unequally. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand that many people, including Supreme Court Justices, base their opinions on questionable moral grounds.

But it is not only the concept of God that has been torn to shreds in Western Society. Freedom and Truth are also meaningless in this day and age. Some people believe freedom is doing whatever you want to do, and other people believe that they should be free of any worries in this life. The Truth is neither.

For a person to be Truly Free, that person must take responsibility over all that they do;
And to be Free from worry, a person must take responsibility for all that they think.
This is a Universal Truth.
If you cannot do either on your own,
You need only look to God for assistance.

If you interfere with another persons freedom, then that is when our justice system kicks in. That is when you want a fair minded individual sitting at the bench.
Because none of us knows what is in another persons mind, we should never concern ourselves with this when administering  justice.
Therefore, a fair minded jurist should only look to the actual actions that led up to a crime when determining guilt. A fair minded jurist cares not what religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic background of anybody before the court. This includes the accused, the accuser, any and all witnesses, and all officers of the court.
Furthermore, A fair minded legal system does not pass laws favoring one group over another either.

Do our jurists fit this model?
Does our justice system fit this model?

And who’s fault is it anyway?

I have discovered that there is a Universal Truth;

this Universal Truth is what you call God, but He goes by many names;
Allah is perfection,
because it is El and it’s reflection,
God is what others call him;
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are His manifestations;
The Qu’ran contains His instructions, and i am but His servant.

Buddhism is understanding of this Universal Truth, but without a Loving God.
If you must give it a sound call it OM.

This is what i have discovered, and this is what i believe…

The time has come for the meek to inherit the earth.

What has this discovery done to your beliefs?

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